FARC_EPMr. President:

Few hours away from the signing of the Final Agreement between the Government that you preside and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC-EP, pain and indignation have forced us to address this public letter, so that you, also publicly, clarify and establish your position and commitment, not with the FARC, but with the Colombian people in general, in relation to the “Pistol Plan” that is being executed against popular leaders throughout the country.

The situation is very worrying and dramatic: more than 200 deaths so far this year, with a total blanket of impunity. A new genocide is under way against social leaders and peasants.

This week, the following occurred:

  • Attack against Argemiro Lara of FENSUAGRO in Sincelejo.
  • Assassination of Erley Monroy, ASCAL-G leader in San Vicente Del Caguan, Caquetá.
  • Attack on Danilo Bolaños, leader of ASTRACAN in Nariño, when he was ready to participate in a Cabildo for Peace.
  • Assassination of Didier Losada Barreto, peasant leader in San Juan del Losada, San Vicente del Caguán area.
  • Attack against Víctor Hugo Cuéllar in San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá.
  • Rodrigo Cabrera, brother of the leader of the victims of Policarpa, Nariño, has just been murdered.

The situation is so serious that in the last 48 hours there have been 3 deaths and 2 attacks.

Mr. President, it is of public knowledge that those who are behind these selective and politically motivated murders are those who have harvested money, power and privileges thanks to the fratricidal war that has bled the country for more than 52 years; Are the same for whom no peace agreement will be of their satisfaction, however good it may be, because what they want is for the war to continue, to continue to increase more privileges and power.

Colombia recalls that you, in an act of moral value, recognized the guilt of the State in the extermination of more than 5,000 leaders of the Patriotic Union. This is an important step in the reparation process, but no one explains why, if there is determination to end the dirty war, no decisions are taken to effectively disarray paramilitarism.

It is not permissible that by taking names like “Los Úsuga” or “Aguilas Negras”, a smokescreen is kept to hide the responsibility of certain settlers of the Dominating Power Bloc.

For a moment, Mr. President, make the mental exercise of putting yourself in the shoes of the victimized social organizations, or ours, and ask yourself what attitude you would take against this river of blood that threatens to destroy the peace process that we are undertaking? And what would you do, in the face of the recent violation of the ceasefire that resulted in the deaths of two guerrillas in southern Bolivar?

If you are committed to the peace of Colombia, act accordingly by implementing the agreement on security guarantees and putting an end to this extermination of innocents whose sin seems to be their critical thoughts and vision of a new country.


Source: FARC-EP / RedGlobe