Foto: Ismael Francisco / CubadebateWorldwide, revolutionary movements, political movement, communist and socialist parties issued statements about the death of Cuban Comandante Fidel Castro. We publish here some of them.

WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos: On behalf of 92 million members of the WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS, I would like to convey to the cuban people,to the CTC, to the State and Party leadership of Socialist Cuba, our deepest condolences from the bottom of our hearts for the Comandante Fidel’s demise. He was a leader who, along with Che, along with all his comrades, fought and beat the imperialists and their instruments. For the WFTU has been the greatest honor Comandante Fidel’s own presence in its Congresses and his great speech to the delegates of the 10th WFTU Congress. For the World Working Class will always be IMMORTAL.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation: Free and independent Cuba, which he and his allies built, became an influential member of the international community and became an inspiring example for many countries and nations, Fidel Castro was a sincere and reliable friend of Russia. He made a huge input in establishment and development of the Russian-Cuban relations, close strategic partnership in all spheres. He was a strong and wise person, who always faced future with confidence. He demonstrated high ideals of a politician, citizen and patriot, who is adamant in the right course, to which he sacrificed all his life. At this mournful time, please say for me the words of sympathy and support to all members of your family, I wish you courage, strength in facing this tragic loss.(TASS)


World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY): The World Federation of Democratic Youth receives with deep pain the news of the physical disappearance of the Undefeated Commander of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.
The youth of our organizations will continue struggle and acting following the example and the ideas of comrade Fidel in the construction of world free from of exploitation and with equal and full rights for all the people. The legacy he leaves to the history of the humanity includes also the legacy for our Federation with the rescue of the movement of the World Festivals of the Youth and the Students, in 1997, where is also a guide to the perseverance and combativeness that must characterize us when we defend fair ideas.
WFDY states that especially now under the preparatory process of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, our memories take us back, to a hard period where a lot of forces were expecting the disappearance of the movement of the Festival, but Fidel despite any difficulties and considering the importance of the international youth movement welcomed the entire world in Cuba, in 1997, and together with the Cuban people were meant to be one of the main responsibles for the continuance of the WFYS. We call the anti-imperialist and progressive youth of the World to nor step back, neither to remain impassive, the front line of the struggle is our recognition to the face of Fidel, lets join our hands and voices until the overthrow of imperialism.
About the youth Fidel expressed: »And what youth do we want? Do we want, perhaps, a youth that simply concentrates to hearing and to repeating? Not! We want a youth that thinks. A youth, perhaps, which is revolutionary for imitating with us? Not!, but a youth that learns for itself to being revolutionary, a youth that becomes convinced to itself, a youth that develops fullly its thought. «
Comrade Fidel, we will continue your legacy for our fight up to the definitive victory. Now, with more force than ever, Fidel multiplies in us and continues being a force that keeps us firm in our aim for a better world.
The anti-imperialism, the internationalism, the solidarity and the peace, basic principles of WFDY, have been enriched and fortify with Fidel’s ideas.
The death is not true when the work of the life has been fulfilled.
Up to always Fidel!
Up to the victory always! (WFDY via Facebook)


Communist Party USA: Comrade Fidel not only led the Cuban government, he was twice elected head of the Non-Aligned Nations organization. He fought U.S. imperialism in so many ways — political, military, economic and ideological. Transitioning the Cuban Revolution from a national democratic, anti-imperialist one into a socialist revolution was a world-shaking accomplishment.

Comrade Fidel’s example was a beacon for the cause of socialism, leading the armed rebellion against the corrupt U.S.-supported Batista dictatorship and building a victorious revolutionary movement. That movement included armed rebels, workers in the cities and campesinos in the countryside. The achievements of the Cuban Revolution demonstrate the accomplishments made possible by a determined, persistent, consistent revolutionary working class and people.

Revolutionary Cuba’s literacy campaign wiped out a 25 per cent illiteracy rate, a legacy of colonialism, in just one year. Cuba’s world-class health care system, developed against all odds in a country impoverished by centuries of colonial plunder, rivals or exceeds that of most industrialized nations. Even more, Cuba has trained tens of thousands of doctors to practice in their own underserved countries and regions around the world, including Africa, Latin America, Haiti. We are particularly grateful for the training of close to 200 U.S. doctors now practicing in rural and urban areas across the U.S.

Comrade Fidel always displayed boundless confidence in the power of the Cuban people to overcome even the most daunting challenges. As Cuba faced decades of economic strangulation due to the illegal U.S. blockade and later the loss of its main trading partners in the socialist bloc, Fidel acknowledged the severity of the challenges but inspired the Cuban people that nevertheless they could prevail. When five Cuban patriots collecting information to protect their homeland from terrorists were unjustly imprisoned in the U.S., Fidel assured the Cuban people that the Five would return. It took the heroism of the Five and the unshakeable determination of the Cuban people, an unprecedented worldwide solidarity campaign and diplomatic breakthroughs with the Obama administration, but return they did.

U.S. imperialism’s unrelenting campaign against Comrade Fidel’s leadership and Cuba’s sovereignty, faltered in the face of the heroism of the Cuban people and its Communist Party. The shameful decades-long efforts of the U.S. government to subvert, condemn, and assassinate the Cuban people’s democratically elected leader were thankfully unsuccessful, but thousands died and untold damage was done through these cowardly acts of terrorism.

Fidel, in his last years, retired from the government and devoted himself to writings about world politics, giving special attention to the environmental crises facing the entire world. As in so many fields, Cuba leads the world in sustainable and organic agriculture, recycling, long-range planning. Cuba is showing the world that it is possible to master the challenges facing all humanity.

We pledge to continue the struggle to end the illegal blockade in the face of new challenges from Donald Trump, to build on the friendly relations between our two peoples and parties and to make Comrade Fidel’s vision of a just and humane world a reality. His flexible and consistent leadership will continue to provide a shining light on the direction ahead. The world and its people have lost a champion. (Communist Party USA)


Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) / KCK: We offer our condolences to the people of Cuba, to the progressive community and all revolutionaries in the wake of great revolutionary Fidel Castro losing his life. Fidel Castro who embodied the purest ideals and longings of humanity until his last breath will not be forgotten. His legacy will be carried by revolutionaries and the whole of humanity in the struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism. The Kurdish Freedom Movement will not forget the contributions Fidel Castro made to humanity’s struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism, and will carry his legacy and his aspirations in the Kurdish people’s and the peoples of Middle East’s struggle for freedom.

The Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara has acted as a significant inspiration for the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s struggle. Their revolutionary spirit and their passion for freedom, them challenging tyrants, fascists, dictators and imperialists saying “death come wherever it may” has had important impact in shaping the PKK militancy. Them challenging the imperialist capitalist system as a small country has been a characteristic held as an example by the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Like them, the Kurdish Movement has also proved through practice that no obstacle can stand in the way of the passion for freedom and democracy, and has fought and reached victory, however big the enemy is, and however many obstacles there may be.

Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba have contributed so much to humanity’s history of freedom. In a period where imperialism and fascism ruled the world, the resistance of the Cuban people and the revolution they actualized gave strength to and accelerated the struggles for freedom and democracy for all peoples. And most of all, he has awakened the spirit of freedom for the South American peoples, and turned those lands into a land of revolutionary struggle where the struggle for freedom and democracy never wanes.

The lands he had most impact in after South America has been the Middle East. He has had an important impact in the development of the revolutionary movements in Turkey and Kurdistan. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s militancy and the characteristics of the Cuban Revolution has been a source of courage and morale for peoples under strict oppression. The internationalist spirit of the Cuban revolution has impacted Haki Karer’s and Kemal Pir’s joining the Freedom Movement in the internationalist spirit. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement and Leader Apo have never forgotten or shown disloyalty towards any person or movement that gave strength to the development of the struggle for freedom, we will have the same approach for Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution and will carry on the legacy of this revolutionary and the values he created in our fight for freedom and our revolution.

The revolutionary spirit of Fidel Castro and his comrades will live on in humanity’s struggle for democracy, freedom and socialism and humanity will one day reach the world they yearned for. (ANF)


Communist Party of Kurdistan – Iraq: With great sadness and sorrow we received the news of the departure of President (Fidel Castro), commander of the Cuban Revolution, in this patient painful, Kurdistan Communist Party – Iraq submits to the Communist Party and the Cuban people’s deepest condolences and sympathy, and human trail towards the liberalization of the peoples of the Lord of oppression and injustice.

The immortal President (Fidel Castro) represents the symbol of an era in the history of the modern world and an example of the struggle for the peoples of the world. It was a solid defender for his country and people issues, and truth and justice in the world, and his support in the struggle for the eradication of the apartheid system issues.

In these circumstances, where the brother of the Cuban people are going through and the political leadership of a period of sadness difficult, we are sure they will able to summon up all the strength and energy necessary for the continuation of the late leader Fidel Castro’s approach, in order to attain the lofty goals in the progress and development and happiness of the people of the Cuban hero.


Communist Party of Britain (CPB): As leader of the Cuban Revolution, Comrade Fidel liberated his country from centuries of imperialist control, profoundly changed the balance of world forces and inspired generations. His commitment to socialism, to the revolutionary transformation of state power, freed the Cuban people to create their own future, to develop their own organs of popular self-government, to end economic exploitation and to oppose all forms of oppression and discrimination.

In doing so, Cuba provided a beacon of socialist hope that has inspired movements for social transformation across the world. In the face of direct military attack by the United States, Fidel Castro led the resistance. In the face of a crippling economic blockade, Fidel Castro worked with his comrades to ensure that the Cuban revolution survived and was able to supply assistance to others seeking liberation across Africa and the Americas.

His legacy remains today in the existence of a free Cuban people determining how to consolidate and develop socialism and contribute to a world without exploitation and oppression. British Communists salute the memory of Fidel Castro. Please pass our condolences and solidarity to Fidel’s family and to the Cuban Communist Party. (CPB)


Communist Party of Ireland: Fidel Castro “the commander in chief of the Cuban revolution” was an outstanding revolutionary leader who not alone led his people to victory in Cuba, but became a symbol of resistance for millions of oppressed peoples and nations. Born in 1926 to a prominent landowner in Holguín Province, Cuba, Fidel went on to lead Cuba’s revolutionary independence movement,defeating the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959, leading to the building of a socialist society.

The revolutionary government and people led by Fidel began the long and difficult process of transforming a a backward and underdeveloped country which had been occupied and dominated for centuries into a beacon of hope, a society that ended illiteracy, provided free medical care to all its citizens and work for all its people. Cuba is now a country with one of the most advanced bio-tech industries in the world, leading in the way in the development of new drugs in the treatment of cancer, meningitis and other areas.

In a true international spirit Cuba is willing to share its achievements. It’s literacy program, so successful at home, is credited with having taught millions to read outside of Cuba. Cuban doctors and educational specialists now work in volunteer brigades providing badly needed medical and educational services to millions across the world, especially in those facing medical emergencies. They were the first on the ground in response to the earthquake in Haití, and again in the cholera epidemic and after Hurricane “Matthew”. They have been lauded for their “heroic” contribution to combating the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The success of the Cuban revolution and the threat of “a good example” that it posed to western imperialist domination has resulted in 50 years of a hostile blockade imposed by successive US governments. Cuba defeated the “Bay of Pigs” invasion and survived fifty years of an unremitting blockade imposed by the US, thanks initially to the support of the Soviet Union. Fidel himself has survived hundreds of assassination attempts organised and planned by the CIA.

When the South African apartheid regime invaded Angola in 1987 the Cuban revolutionary armed forces played a decisive role in defeating the invading army at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale. This marked the turning point of the war and the beginning of the end of the apartheid regime. As Fidel said “Cuba is not only a Latin American country. It is a Latin African country.”

In their struggle against North American domination the peoples of Latin America could see in Cuba an example of courage and resistance. Their struggle has won many notable victories, notably the election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela in 1998. This provided much relief to the Cuban people who had suffered severely from the blockade in the years following the defeat of Socialism in the Soviet Union. Further advances throughout the continent led to the establishment of CELAC, unifying the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has left and indelible mark on the struggle for social justice and for freedom. He was an outstanding revolutionary leader and intellectual thinker. A man of great culture and a deep love for humanity. History has absolved him.

The struggle of the Cuban people and all peoples for independence, progress and socialism will be forever associated with the name of Fidel Castro.


Tudeh Party of Iran: With the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro, the world revolutionary movement of communists and progressives has lost a great leader, visionary and tireless fighter against oppression and exploitation. Comrade Fidel was to the end a devoted teacher, a symbol of love for humanity, justice and democracy and an unshakeable inspiration to all those struggling for peace and socialism.

Comrade Fidel championed the interests of the people of Cuba and all the peoples of the world struggling for peace and social justice. Under his leadership, the Cuban people have demonstrated time and again the true nature of international solidarity. They have supported the liberation struggle of peoples across the continents for freedom from colonial oppression and the right to determine their own future unhindered by the dictates and interventions of US imperialism. They have shared across the globe the resources of Cuba released from the grip of private ownership and put at the service of humanity.

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran salutes Comrade Fidel’s memory and achievements and sends its profound condolences and solidarity to you, to all your family and to the Cuban people and their Communist Party. We know that Comrade Fidel’s legacy will live as a precious inheritance for all the peoples of the world.


Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party): Comrade Fidel will always be remembered and revered for dedicating his life to the noblest ideals of humanity –- to national freedom and sovereignty ; to social development and equality ; to the building of socialism and the raising of human dignity ; and to international solidarity in the struggle against imperialism, colonialism and apartheid. The world will always be grateful to Comrade Fidel and the revolutionary people of Cuba for helping to bring about an early end to the abominable system of apartheid in Southern Africa.

With his revolutionary ideas, ethical character and profound humanism, Comrade Fidel inspired countless nations and hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe. He became the voice and symbol of the poor and oppressed peoples –- and particularly of the working class –- not only in Latin America, but worldwide.

Under the determined leadership of Comrade Fidel and the Communist Party of Cuba, Cuba has become the beacon for mankind’s struggle against imperialism –- the struggle for peace, freedom, economic progress and social liberation. Comrade Fidel’s ideas for the firm defense of socialism, and for its enhancement as a sustainable and prosperous model –- even in the face of the continued criminal blockade by US imperialism –- have become a great encouragement to all progressive peoples, and will surely be followed by the generations to come in Cuba and the world.

On this sad occasion therefore, we express our deepest condolences to the Communist Party of Cuba, to the government of the Republic of Cuba, to the family and friends of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, and to the entire revolutionary people of Cuba.

We are aware that the best tribute we can give to Comrade Fidel is to continue with greater efforts in our country to contribute to the worldwide campaign for an end to the US blockade against Cuba ; for an end to the USA’s illegal radio and television broadcasts which violate Cuban sovereignty ; and for the return to Cuba of the territory that is illegally occupied by the US naval base in Guantanamo. This we pledge to Comrade Fidel and his beloved Communist Party of Cuba.