AKELStatement by Stefanos Stefanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson

With regards the results of Geneva and the ongoing developments on the Cyprus problem, as a first reaction we note the following:

The fact that both sides simultaneously submitted maps for the first time is positive. Regardless of the fact that the Turkish Cypriot proposal is not satisfactory, the tabling of maps creates the preconditions for a concrete negotiation and the achievement of an agreement on the territorial issue.

The fact that for the first time the debate on security and guarantees has begun is positive. The initial position of the involved parties confirms disagreements that were known to exist. The continuation of the discussion on the issue leaves open the prospect for achieving an agreement, which to be achieved, will require serious work and efforts.

A lot of work and effort will also be required with regards the resolution of disagreements which continue to exist on issues relating to the internal aspect of the Cyprus problem. It is encouraging that in the discussions in Geneva, further progress was recorded, primarily on the chapter of governance.

We assess as positive the fact that after Geneva the dialogue and efforts will continue. There is no other way to achieve an agreed solution to the Cyprus problem other than the negotiations.

With discontent we note the fact that certain circles and forces on the domestic front once again did not rise to the occasion and their behaviour provoked problems and turmoil during the procedure in Geneva.

AKEL will continue with responsibility, seriousness and patriotism to support the negotiation procedure and the effort to achieve a solution; a solution that will liberate and reunite the country and the people and create the preconditions for Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to march together in their common homeland in conditions of permanent security, peace and cooperation.

Source: AKEL / RedGlobe