Arrest of trade unions leaders in Kazakhstan. Screenshot: YoutubeJanuary 20, were arrested the leaders of the hunger strike of oil industry workers — the Chairman of the Union «Oil ConstructionCompany» Amin Yeleusinov and public labour inspectors Nurbek Kushakbaev. First accused of embezzlement of trade Union funds, and the second to the calls of the «illegal strikes». They were arrested for two months and today, according to the workers, have already arrived to Astana.

There is no doubt that in the torture chambers of Astana will be demanded from them to abandon the struggle for the registration of trade unions and to encourage workers to stop the hunger strike and all resistance, recognizing the «illegality» of their actions. If they will not agree to a deal, the case will go in a given direction, under typical charges of «inciting social discord».

Moreover, the head of the Confederation of Independent trade Unions Larisa Kharkov in a press release of 12 January, accused the leaders of the oil workers that they «force the employees of this company to participate in illegal protest in the form of a hunger strike». This her statement was put into the basis of the decisions of the akimat (administration) of Mangystau region, the regional Prosecutor’s office and regional court, where the hunger strike of workers was recognized as «illegal».

The authorities calculation is based on the fact that without the heads, the oil will disperse themselves, frightened and put their hands together. For the participants of the hunger strike today, in fact, expelled from the office of the Union «Oil ConstructionCompany», threatening to use force. In particular this statement was made by the Prosecutor of Aktau Marat Toijan and the local police chief Omar Taskynbaev who have declared a hunger strike of oil workers action directed «against the state»!

Naturally, the Akorda decided to eliminate the hotbed of the hunger strike in the office of a trade Union where the trade Union activists took 20 January the decision to continue the action, despite the court’s decision about its «illegality». However, even in a situation of constant threats to and pressure, oil was taken today on January 21 the decision to continue the hunger strike, which continues to engage more than 700 workers of OSS in the fields Kalamkas and Zhetybai in Mangistau region.

As we expected, the protesters, the workers in the process of expansion of the struggle will stop only on the requirements of the registration of the trade unions, and today they added one more – the release of their leaders Amin Yeleusinov and Nurbek Kushakbaev. This situation is very similar to the process of development of the strike in the Mangistau region in 2011 when there were arrested the lawyer of trade Union of JSC «Karazhanbasmunai» Natalia Sokolova and the leader of the workers of PB «Ozenmunaygaz» Akzhanat Aminov.

Then in 2011, the strike began with a hunger strike, not only did not stop, but rather expanded and became more violent. At the present moment a lot depends on whether the support of the workers ‘ struggle «Oil ConstructionCompany» oil of other companies and organizations of the region, in addition to those included in CITUK. As it is obvious that to force the release of the leaders, can only be a massive and radical action and the General strike in all fields of the region.

Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan workers’ trade Union «Zhanartu» full solidarity with the demands of the protesters oil «Oil ConstructionCompany» and also demanding the immediate release of Amin Yeleusinov and Nurbek Kushakbaev!

Also SDK and «Zhanartu» call on the trade unions, public associations, human rights activists and initiative groups of citizens to advocate arrested, and Communist, socialist and workers ‘ organizations to send a petition of protest and demonstrations at the diplomatic missions of Kazakhstan in their countries!

The Political Council of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

The Central Committee of the Kazakhstan workers ‘ Union «Zhanartu»


Source: / RedGlobe