Russian Foreign MinistryThe Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow published a statement on the situation in Venezuela:

The situation in Venezuela remains tense. The radical wing of the anti-government camp, which took control of the national parliament, has toughened its aggressive rhetoric and has set a course for “civil disobedience.” Preparations are underway for demonstrations, due in the coming days, that are fraught with – or have been deliberately orchestrated in advance to involve – clashes with law enforcement bodies and provocations leading to violence and casualties.

Regrettably, this “colour” scenario is not new. Its development and consequences are easy to predict, given the events that have taken place in a number of other countries in recent years. As a rule, this was a sad experience for them. Violent actions did nothing to resolve problems but resulted in a deeper social split, intolerance and confrontation, including violent, and sometimes destabilised the situation in a neighbouring region.

Does anyone need this? We are certain the answer is no.

We were pleased to note that the assessments spelled out in our commentary a week ago coincide with the prevalent opinion in and outside Latin America. Radical resolutions aimed at breaking the fragile peace in the country have, in fact, failed to win support from any of the sides. On the contrary, clear-cut calls have been heard to continue dialogue between the government and the opposition as the only opportunity to find solutions to the accumulated problems, and as the only alternative to sliding into chaos.

We are convinced that these calls should come with redoubled vigour now. Provocateurs must be fully aware that they will not secure support, because this contradicts decisions adopted by all countries of the western hemisphere in favour of constitutional law and order and the desire of Venezuelans and all Latin Americans to search for solutions, no matter how complicated they might seem, not through violent confrontation and rallies, but at the negotiating table, in the interests of peace and stability in their own countries and the entire region.

Source: Russian Foreign Ministry / RedGlobe