comunistaThe Communist Party of Swaziland is deeply concerned for the safety of two of members of the Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) who are being targeted by the security police after attending a CPS summer school, held over the holidays in South Africa.

On the 2nd January, SNUS chairperson Mphilolenhle Dlamini was invaded by four security police carrying photos of Nchubeko Maziya, SNUS deputy Secretary General, the union’s national treasurer Neliswa Sifundza and that of CPS national organiser Njabulo Dlamini. The political police wanted to Mphilolenhle, who was not part of our Summer School to help them know how the three were connected.

On the opening of the Institutions for the resuming of classes for the last semester of the , a gang of about 30 plain-clothed police, identified on common Adidas tracksuits descended on the William Picture Teachers’ Training College in Manzini where the two activists Nchubeko and Neliswa are studying.

The hunt still continues as the police presence is still confirmed. Students are asked to help them identify the two who are presently keeping a low profile in the campus. Classes resume today and Mphilolenhle’s whereabouts not yet know since he disappeared from the campus on Sunday evening.

On 9 January the college Dean told Sifundza that the police are pressuring the college to expel her. The Dean explained that the administration is under threat, ask think twice if they continue to keep her in the institution.

The CPS is taking steps to ensure the safety of the two SNUS activists and is closely monitoring the situation.

This is by no means the first time that activists from our Party or associated with it have been targeted by the Mswati regime’s security thugs. The regime is particularly keen to eliminate communist elements from within the democracy movement. It is especially keen to try to intimidate members of fraternal organisations, such as unions, from having anything to do with the CPS.

We call on all organisations working in solidarity with the Swazi freedom struggle to publicise this latest move by the Mswati regime to intimidate progressive activists in Swaziland.

Source: CPS via Solidnet / RedGlobe