wftuDuring the last days, the wave of bad weather is affecting Balkan and other European countries. Several people died of cold in Bulgaria, Italy and Poland, while in other countries like Turkey and Croatia, people are seriously affected by the low temperatures and snowstorms. In Greece, we all remember the tragic death of a 13 year old girl from Serbia, who died in Thessaloniki few years ago, because of the fumes of the brazier that they used in order to keep their house warm, as it was the case for two students who died from the same reason in Larissa.

All workers in Balkan and the rest European countries, must fight through their trade unions for protection measures of the working class against adverse weather conditions. Otherwise, the poor, the homeless, the refugees will continue paying the price of the lack of protection measures and indifference of all the governments.

Source: WFTU / RedGlobe