The Portuguese Communist Party condemns the continued xenhophobic and segregationist action of the Israeli government against the Palestinian citizens of Israel and especially the violent actions against the Umm Al-Hiran population – a village in the Al Naqab desert – and conveys the solidarity of the Portuguese Communists to the struggle they are waging in defence of their rights.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Communist Party of Israel and with all Israeli democratic and progressive forces that are fighting against the Zionist policy of the government of Israel, for peace and for the respect of the Palestinian people’s rights.

The intensification of the repression carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian population in Israel and their stance of open disrespect for international law, are inseparable from the declarations of cover up and support from the North – American Administration to the Zionist policy of the Israeli government, an example of which is the provocative and unacceptable intention of moving to Jerusalem the North – American Embassy in Israel.

The campaign against the Palestinian citizens of Israel is a twin sister of the continued and persistent campaign of West Bank colonization, including East Jerusalem, and of the Gaza Strip blockade.

The PCP also condemns the Israeli government decisions of expanding and building new settlements in the West Bank – of which the announced decision of buiding 3000 new “Housing Units” is another serious example – in full disrespect for international law, reaffirmed in the recent Resolution 2334 of the United Nations’ Security Council.

The PCP conveys its solidarity to the Palestinian people and reiterates its position in defence of their right to build a free, independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian State, in the borders previous to 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem.

The PCP Press Department

Source: PCP via Solidnet / RedGlobe