AKEL CyprusOn behalf of the Central Committee of AKEL, I extend a warm militant greeting to all the members and militants of the Youth Organization of EDON, as well as to the youth organizations of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) and the United Cyprus Party (BKP); to the young people of Cyprus who are again here together in EDON”s mass event; to all of you, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, who together take responsibility for your country’s future.

AKEL sees in your faces the new generations of the Cypriot Left. We see in you honesty, unselfishness and radicalism. We see in you those young people who will realize and live our dreams for our homeland, but also for the whole world.

Our Party recognizes and highly appreciates the activity of EDON, not only because it is at the forefront of all the political battles which AKEL wages, but also because we fully understand the conditions in which EDON has been developing its activity in recent years.

It certainly was never easy to be a member or militant of EDON. There have always been difficulties and daily sacrifices. EDON suffered stigmatization and faced persecution. In the past, EDON even came under murderous attacks. Today, however, conditions are much more complex with the period more devious than it was for our own generations.

Individualism, the pursuit of profit and self-interest are being promoted as the purpose of one’s life.

Non-involvement and denigration of political engagement and struggle is being projected as something fashionable.

Ideologies and organized struggle are being denigrated as some deplorable path seeking to challenge the system’s rosy picture.

Collective struggles for the right of young people to education and work are considered as undermining the general norm.

Moreover, as in the case of the school students of the Pancyprian School Pupils Coordinating Committee (PSEM) the struggle for a humane and democratic school is being portrayed by the government as being “politically-motivated” and these pupils are perceived as “troublemakers.” It is true that – in the years of the crisis and Memoranda – life itself has become much more difficult for young people. Uncertainty about the future of their studies, finding work, making a family and obtaining housing, frequently generates despair. Sometimes this blurs the truth as to what is really happening in society and in politics, concealing the real culprits and alienating young people from political activity.

You therefore need courage and perseverance to declare – in these testing times – not just to being politically involved and aware, but to consciously and actively become engaged in an organization with a left ideology; an organization with daily actions; an organization with a history that has deep historical roots and which has visions that go much farther.

You need unwavering belief in our visions to choose and fight today for a different way of life other than that the one promoted and favoured by the system and the mass media.

You need to be aware and have a strong will to be a militant of EDON.

To belong to a left Turkish Cypriot youth Organization.

To be the one at school, university and at the workplace that won’t be scared, but proceed to organize campaigns and struggles

To sacrifice days and nights working tirelessly to construct a Youth Festival, theatre and dance groups and concerts so that our country’s young people have an alternative option in culture.

To love knowledge, education and self-education.

To dream with the lyrics and the songs of the Poets of struggle and life.

To care about what is happening on the other side of the world.

To raise with emotion the flags of Cuba and Palestine and the banners of all struggling peoples.

To fill the streets with Cypriot flags and to shout out loud – in Greek and in Turkish – for freedom and the reunification of our homeland.

To come here, at the highest peak of our island, to shout so loud that our voice is heard everywhere that Cyprus does not belong to either NATO or to any “mother countries”, nor to any blue or grey wolves.

To declare vociferously that Cyprus belongs only to its people – to the unconquerable and sovereign Cypriot people.

This is the reason comrades why as a Party we know that every youthful heart and mind that EDON wins and convinces, every success that EDON wins in schools and universities, is the result of hard work, perseverance and the staunch belief in the ideals and values of the left. This fills us with optimism and confidence for the future, because we see that your generation can – and must – surpass ours.

Our country and the cause of the solution of the Cyprus problem are at a critical point. The negotiations between the two communities progressed significantly. Maps have been submitted on the territorial issue. Turkey is taking part in a discussion on the issue of security, namely on the issues of the troops and the guarantee system.

However, there are still major and thorny issues still to be solved. A lot of work must be covered and a serious preparation be made.

AKEL addresses an appeal to the Government for all of us to elaborate together common positions that although based on long-standing principles will contribute towards overcoming obstacles. Our appeal to the UN is to concentrate on bridging these disagreements and avoid any hasty actions that will only cause damage.

AKEL supported and will continue to support the procedure of the negotiations, as we also did during the Presidency of Tassos Papadopoulos and Glafcos Clerides.

We will continue to exercise constructive criticism within the National Council and put forward creative proposals.

We will continue to defend principles with determination and the political influence that we have as a Party so that unacceptable ideas are abandoned. This is precisely what AKEL achieved on the issue of NATO and demilitarization.

We shall continue to appeal for unity and a minimum of understanding between the political forces while the negotiations are ongoing.

It would be easy for us to act and behave differently and seek avenge on DISY and Anastasiades for their dishonest and deceitful stand they took towards the Christofias government. Such a stand and position might yield some temporary electoral gains. However, we are not thinking about the next elections, but about the future generations of Cyprus. Our thoughts and attention are focused on the solution of the Cyprus problem based on principles – on the day of liberation and reunification.

AKEL’s stand is truly patriotic. This is the stand that befits AKEL.

Many times during our 90-year path of struggle, we have been vilified and slandered as a “traitorous” party, but our History has vindicated us.

This policy is truly anti-imperialist and anti-occupational. It is the only one that can lead to the reversal of the 1974 the crime committed by NATO.

This policy is the only way forward from the two schools of thought on the Cyprus problem; the one school of thought that is submissive and the other that is rejectionist. Whenever these two schools of thought on the Cyprus problem have prevailed they have led to deadlocks.

Our policy is one that can unite Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in a common front for independence, reunification and a federal solution.

The solution of the Cyprus problem is the way through which the working class and all the working people of our island can be reunited, so that we can once again struggle together for justice and our united people’s rights.

It is the only way to push ahead to fulfill the big visions of the Left.

AKEL is certain that the members and militants of EDON will yet again be at the forefront of the struggles ahead.

Raise our banners high, build up your spirits and strengthen determination…

Source: AKEL via Solidnet / RedGlobe