Dear Secretary-General, President of the UN Human Rights Council and High Commissioner for Human Rights

We are parents of the 12 girls who had been separated overnight by the tremendous atrocities of the south Korean authorities who allured and kidnapped them by mobilizing the gangsters of the “National Intelligence Service”.

In April 2016, the south Korean authorities committed such crime against humanity as alluring and kidnapping in broad daylight and taking to south Korea our daughters namely, Ri Un Gyong, Han Haeng Bok, Ri Son Mi, Ri Ji Ye, Ri Bom, Kim Hye Song, Ryu Song Yong, Jon Ok Hwang, Ji Jong Hwa, Pak Ok Byol, Kim Sol Gyong and So Kyong A who were working as employees of a restaurant in Ninbo, Zhejiang Province of China.

It is nearly one year after we were separated with our beloved daughters. But we are spending every day in bitter tears with uneasiness and worry about our off-springs without knowing whether they are still alive or not.

Even on the New Year’s Day when all people greet with joy and hope, we feel grief and have to shed bitter tears thinking of our daughters. We can find no words that can express our feelings.

Now our hearts are full of ashes and our tears got dry because of our anxiety and worry about our daughters taken to south Korea.

We would like to remind you that we had already sent letters to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and President of the UN Human Rights Council on two occasions, namely on April and November 2016, requesting to make efforts to demand the offender south Korean authorities to send back the abductees to their parents immediately when the tremendous crime against humanity was occurred, and asked about the result several times.

Some time ago, we received a reply from the High Commissioner that runs through with pretexts, which crumbled even the faint hope of the families of the 12 girls.

Therefore, our daughters are still in the hell-like south Korea and the UN mechanism is not making any thorough investigation of the mean and shuddering immoral atrocities of the south Korean authorities.

We are very much disappointed at the fact that the bitter exclamation and appeal of the parents writhing after separation with their daughters are ignored.

However, we send this letter again with a hope that our daughters would come back to their parents one day if the UN human rights organizations make efforts, proceeding from the mission of the United Nations enshrining justice, truth, and promotion and protection of human rights as their lifeline.

As we have made clear on several occasions, it is undeniable stark fact that there is no reason for our daughters to abandon their hometowns as well as their beloved parents, brothers and sisters, and go to south Korea, as they fully developed their talents, learning to their hearts’ content in the bosom of the grateful homeland, the DPRK with nothing to envy in the world.

Nevertheless, the south Korean authorities are turning black into white, talking about the so-called “group defection from the north”, “reflection of yearning” and the like. They are hell-bent on “submission” operation, committing all sorts of unimaginable evil crimes against our daughters.

We, as their parents, have already demanded the south Korean authorities again and again to allow us to meet with our daughters, and sent our credentials in the name of parents to the south Korean civil societies requesting them to confirm instead of us whether the abductees were alive or not.

However, the south Korean authorities have mercilessly trampled down and ignored this most elementary demand and, as a result, we, the parents, do not know the whereabouts of our beloved daughters until today.

Forcing separation between parents and off-springs, they are committing senseless acts against morality without hesitation. Aren’t they a group of barbarians in human shape?

Now the families of the 12 girls are suffering from unimaginable mental and physical pains and damages due to the despicable allurement and abduction of the south Korean authorities. It is proved by the following facts.

Kim Hwa Song, mother of Jon Ok Hyang, caught an incurable disease after mental shock caused by the incident and underwent major surgical operation. Ji Chun Ae, mother of Ri Ji Ye, has been staying in hospital for several months because of heart disease. And in November last year, Ri Ji Ye’s father Ri Kyong Su died of shock at having lost his daughter.

Who on earth are forcing such heart-rending sorrow and suffering on us, the parents, who want to put forward our good children before the country?

They are none other than the south Korean authorities.

If the south Korean authorities had not allured, kidnapped and taken our daughters en masse to south Korea, we would not have undergone such pains, writhing and sufferings.

Now in south Korea it is circulated that some of our daughters have been killed by maltreatment and torture of the gangsters of the “National Intelligence Service” beyond human imagination.

We are greatly surprised and indignant at it. And if it is true, we will never pardon those human butchers who killed our daughters mercilessly.

We make clear in the name of the families of the 12 girls that the group allurement and abduction of our daughters is a product of the south Korean authorities’ policy of confrontation with fellow countrymen and an immoral crime against human rights which grossly violated relevant international laws.

Even now we seem to hear the bitter outcry of our daughters calling for sending them back to their parents, brothers and sisters at an early date as they can’t endure the cruel and inhumane maltreatment of the gangsters of the “National Intelligence Service” in south Korea without kith and kin.

Not content with the pains the fellow countrymen are suffering for more than half a century because of the national division and territorial split by foreign powers, the south Korean authorities have left an wound to be unhealed forever in the hearts of the fellow countrymen. They are a vicious group of devils against reunification.

The atrocities of the south Korean authorities which will even put the animals in the shade deserve denunciation and due punishment of not only the Korean nation and the international community but also all other humanity valuing justice.

We believe that our daughters taken to south Korea are still waiting for help while resolutely fighting against the pressure, appeasement and “submission” operation of the brutal criminals.

We are of the view that the UN organizations should play their due role in enabling our daughters to come back to the motherland which brought them up and to their parents as early as possible.

As we wrote in the previous letters, we know that it is a mission and duty of the UN human rights organizations to thoroughly investigate the nefarious immoral crimes of the south Korean authorities and bring the offenders to justice and promote early reunion of parents and their children.

We will never stop fighting until the day when we meet our beloved daughters and when our daughters come back to the motherland.

We appeal to the UN organizations once again to keep, in conformity with their mission, questioning the immoral crimes of the south Korean authorities and demanding the south Korean authorities unconditional and immediate repatriation as we requested, so that the abductees can return to their motherland and to their families as early as possible.

We, the parents of the 12 abductees, believe that the UN organization would not turn aside our earnest appeal.

With best regards,

Families of the 12 girls allured and kidnapped by the south Korean authorities


February 25, Juche 106(2017)

Source: WP of Korea via Solidnet / RedGlobe