Communist Party of TurkeyThe Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued the following statement:

Everyone is aware of the tensions between the AKP and several European countries. This international scandal is nothing but vileness done by a fundamentalist gang which considers its own interests, future, and destiny over the country’s destiny.

AKP government forced the doors of the Netherlands not to defend our country’s interests, but to put the screws on its imperialist allies who have already turned their backs. The outcome is embarrassing for the whole country.

AKP’s making an exhibition of itself does not concern our people to a certain degree. But, Turkey is being derogated by the scandals of this gang. AKP is an outcome of the plays of imperialists on our country.

From the Netherlands to Germany, the USA to the UK… AKP cannot be the representative of the people; not just because imperialists who made AKP down on the country’s neck have turned their backs. Just as that the ones who enmeshed AKP in our country, cannot be our saviour today. This disgrace should be stopped immediately.

We should immediately get rid of this manipulative public enemy gang in the government which has turned out to be a disaster for our country.

NO to both imperialism and its off-centre and presumptuous puppets!

Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee

Source: TKP / RedGlobe