farc epFARC-EP commander Iván Márquez stressed today that the Colombian guerrilla will hold its next congress late in July or early August, when it plans to establish its political party. Time felt upon us, the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) told the press. He served as head of the movement’s negotiators in peace talks with the government.

According to the agreement, that rebel group will be able to form its party after it lays down the arms.

The delays in completing the transitional demobilizing zones where guerrilla fighters will stay for several months has complicated the so-called post-conflict period or post-agreement. Initially the FARC-EP planned to hold their congress at the end of May.

Referring to the permanence of the guerrillas in those areas (26 in 14 departments), Márquez warned that it might take longer than estimated because it depends on how the process of reincorporation to society progresses. If there are no conditions for the reinsertion of members of the FARC-EP into the economic and social life, it will be difficult for us to agree to vacate such camps, he added.

On November 24, President Juan Manuel Santos and the chief of the guerrilla group, Timoleón Jiménez, signed the transcendental treaty with which they pledged to end the clashes and hostilities. Then, the implementation of the agreements began in December

Source: Prensa Latina / RedGlobe