ALBA-TCPWe, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin America – People’s Trade Treaty, at the 15th meeting of its Political Council in Havana, have been informed of the results of the second round in the presidential elections held in the sister Republic of Ecuador on 2 April 2017, and have decided:

To recognize and congratulate on their victory the Movimiento Alianza País candidates comrades Lenin Moreno Garcés and Jorge Glas Espinel who represent the inception of a new stage in the Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador and the continuing commitment of this sister nation to regional unity and development, and to defending the sovereignty of Latin America.

To emphasize our conviction that the profound transformations undertaken with the Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador over the past ten years have been vital to the country’s socioeconomic development, to the expansion of enjoyment of the democratic freedoms and human rights of the citizens, and to the strengthening of a State of law in solidarity and pro-Latin American positioning.

To denounce the plans of a sector of the Ecuadorian oligarchy, allied to the external enemies of Latin American and Caribbean progressive processes, with the support of commercial, politicized and biased means of communication, in order to ignore the results of the people’s will peacefully and democratically shown in the ballots by the Ecuadorean people, in the presidential elections of 2 April, despite the wide recognition by the international community and observation and accompanying electoral missions that evaluated the Ecuadorian electoral process as an example.

To reaffirm the need to reinforce unity, regional coordination and integration, to confront threats as well as to defend our peoples’ sovereignty, free self-determination and right to peace and the development of our peoples, based on the principles of the Proclamation of Latin America & the Caribbean as a Peace Zone, signed by the region’s Heads of State and Government at the Second CELAC Summit Conference in Havana; convinced that any attempt to subjugate or divide us will be doomed to failure.

Havana, 10 April 2017

Source: Cuban Foreign Ministry / RedGlobe