Iraqi Communist PartyThe center of the city of Diwaniyah in southern Iraq was shaken just after midnight when two hand grenades were thrown by criminal and rogue elements on the headquarters of the district committee of the Iraqi Communist Party in the province. Although the attack did not, fortunately, lead to human losses, it immediately evoked angry reactions and condemnation. It has raised tension and public anxiety in Diwaniyah that were caused by yesterday’s developments at the Qadissiya University.

The university campus witnessed yesterday a blatant flagrant use of arms, firing bullets in the air, and a brutal physical attack on some students under the pretext that they shouted inappropriate chants during a political event at the university. Statements were issued yesterday by officials of the Diwaniyah police and its provincial council, which shed light on the reality of what happened on campus.

Despite the fact that what happened at the university was a matter for its students who were expressing their views peacefully, some attempted to drag the name of the Iraqi Communist Party in this issue. The real purpose behind this soon became apparent when a number of civilian activists, including Communists, were intimidated and terrorized, and attempts were made to get them to “confess” to things which they did not do!

This cowardly attack on the headquarters of our party in Diwaniyah constitutes a blatant aggression, not only on a legitimate political entity on the day it received – ironically! – its official license from the Electoral Commission. It is also an attack on all other political entities, the law of political parties, democratic freedoms and constitutional life, and on basic human rights. This attack would intensify the concern over the future after victory over and defeat of terrorist Daesh, and can be exploited by forces aiming at sabotage and sedition and impeding the return of normal life to our country and establishing security and stability.

What has happened deserves strong condemnation by the state and its institutions, especially in the province which has been the scene of events, as they must provide protection for all, without discrimination. It also requires condemnation and denunciation by all the political parties, as an incident that signals the possibility of the situation getting out of control at any moment.

It also reaffirms the need for sole control of arms by the state, and that this must be truly implemented and in an effective manner.

The Iraqi Communist Party will resort to peaceful and legal means to defend the legitimacy of its political work, and the right of party members to express their views peacefully and constitutionally. We will prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous act and demand that they are brought to justice, as well as demanding compensation for the damage to the headquarters of our party in Diwaniyah.

Our party renews its firm determination to continue the struggle for building a state of citizenship that guarantees freedoms and rights, laying the foundations of a democratic civil state and achieving social justice.

The Political Bureau
Iraqi Communist Party