Iraqi Communist PartyTurkish warplanes yesterday (25th April) bombarded sites in the Sinjar area in Iraq, which it said belonged to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), inflicting human losses and material damage.

This aggression came after the recent referendum in Turkey, which gave Erdogan and his government a green light to continue along the path of arrogance and to seek to impose its will on other countries in the region through the use of force. Such an approach would, of course, open the door to further complexities in the region and the world, and would further complicate international cooperation and coordination against Daesh and terrorism with even greater difficulties.

This blatant violation of the sovereignty of the Iraqi state, can only be viewed as an open interference in the internal affairs of our country, and an utter disregard of international norms and laws. The Turkish government insists on continuing the aggression, shutting its ears to the Iraqi and international objections and condemnations.

In addition, these practices reflect the chauvinist positions, hostile to the Kurdish people, that are taken by the Turkish government. The fact is that the Turkish authorities, which violate the rights of the Kurdish people in their country, cannot be a friend of the Kurdish people in other parts of Kurdistan.

While strongly condemning this new brutal aggression and calling upon Turkey and all other countries to stop interfering in the affairs of Iraq, we reiterate our demand that Turkey must withdraw its forces from our territories, and its government should contribute to the establishment of normal relations that serve the joint interests of the two countries.

Baghdad – 26 April 2017

Source: Iraqi Communist Party via Solidnet / RedGlobe