Communist Party of GreeceThe Press Office of the CC of the KKE mentioned the following in its statement on the threat of the National Electoral Council to ban the CP of Venezuela:

The KKE denounces in the most categorical way the threat of the country’s National Electoral Council to ban the CP of Venezuela and stands decisively at the side of the communists and will intensify the efforts to express internationalist solidarity in a mass way.

The attempt against the PCV is based on the activation of a law that was passed in 1965 by the anti-communist police state regime of the period, which sought to impose additional mechanisms for the control of political activity.

The National Electoral Council provocatively demands that the Communist Party of Venezuela submits lists of its members in order to “renew” its legalization as a recognized party and this data will be in the hands of the state mechanism and also accessible via the internet.

This attempt against the PCV, which is the most consistent defender of the interests of the working class and the people’s rights, takes place in a moment when the deadlocks and the crisis of the capitalist path of development in the country are manifesting themselves intensely and when the threats against the people and the people’s movement are sharpening.

The country’s government and the political forces which support or tolerate this attack bear great responsibilities.

The working class, the popular strata must draw conclusions and defend the PCV from this new attack and take into account the historical experience which shows that the attacks against the communists are always the precursor for wider attacks against the people’s rights and gains.

The KKE expresses its full support to the Communist Party of Venezuela and its decision not to hand over details of its members to the bourgeois state and stands in solidarity with the nationwide mobilization being organized by the PCV on April 7th against the attempt to outlaw the party.

Source: KKE via Solidnet / RedGlobe