Governor Talal Barazi on Syrian TV. Screenshot: Al-IkhbariaSyrian authorities have condemned as an aggression the Tomahawk missile attack on an air base in the province of Homs in the early hours of this Friday, the local television reports.

President Donald Trump said at a public appearance from the White House that he ordered the attack on Syria ‘on the vital security interest of the USA’, after the aggression had taken place. He added it was in reprisal against an alleged chemical weapon attack by Syrian forces on a terrorist bastion in the province of Idlib this week, a unilateral action that has not been investigated nor proven.

Around 60 Tomahawk missiles reportedly launched from warships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea hit the airfield of Shayrat in central Homs, an action ordered even without consulting the US Congress.

Trump made his decision after the US, United Kingdom and France failed to pass an anti-Syrian resolution at the UN Security Council Thursday afternoon in a rush effort to condemn Damascus for the alleged use of chemical weapons.

The Syrian Foreign Minister affirmed at a press conference in Damascus Thursday that his country has no chemical weapons and will never use them.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) asserted in August 2014 that the Syrian Arab Army had given up its entire arsenal of chemical weapons. The destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal was confirmed by the UN’s inspections.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense pointed out that exposure to chemical materials in Idlib occurred after Syrian jets bombed a warehouse where terrorist groups produced their own chemical weapons.

The Syrian television quoted a military spokesman as saying that the US missile attack had caused material and human losses.

Source: Prensa Latina / RedGlobe