Communist Party of TurkeyThe Conference process of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has been completed with the two day meeting of the delegates in İstanbul on 27-28 May 2017. At the 12th Congress of TKP, important decisions for the forthcoming year of struggle have been decided on at the sessions by the participation of the 383 delegates, 14 of which from abroad.

The meeting started with the moment of silence ceremony and the welcoming speech of Melike Çakır on behalf of the hosting İstanbul Committees and followed by the opening speech of the First Secretary of the Central Committee, Kemal Okuyan. The 12th Congress has ended with the closing speech of the First Secretary Kemal Okuyan again after discussion and voting of the the main documents and the decisions of the Congress.

The delegates discussed and unanimously approved the main documents of: “The Preface of the Party Program”, “Theses on the Party History”, “Theses on Imperialism in 2017 regarding Russia and China”, “An Introduction for the Party Rules”, “Our way is Socialism at the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution” and “The Organizational and Political Goals June2017-June2018”.

At the Congress, which was held with the slogan “To empower the Socialist alternative”, the forthcoming year of struggle has been named as “The year of Socialism” and a plan to hold a grand Festival of Socialism on the anniversary of the Great October Revolution have been decided.

Besides the main documents and the report of the political goals, additional political issues were also discussed within the agenda at the sessions on Sunday the 28th of May. The resolutions for political decisions were also unanimously approved.

Political Resolutions of the 12th Congress:

Resolution 1: On the anniversary of the June Resistance

The people of Turkey will not fit in the reactionary counter-revolution

In its fourth anniversary, the Communist Party of Turkey commemorates the June Resistance of 2013 with enthusiasm and bow respectfully in front of the memory of those who lost their lives.

The June Resistance is the historical evidence of the fact that our patriotic people, who hold high the flag of secularism, cannot be forced to fit in the AKP counter-revolution. This mass movement, sustained by millions of compatriots for months, was a unique action in the history of our country. The Communist Party of Turkey took its part in the front lines of the resistance during the months of summer in 2013, made significant contributions in respect of militant struggles and also made critical interventions in the political character of the movement. The June Resistance could not gain continuity as a dynamic of mass struggle because of insufficiencies in this very second aspect. It is not a coincidence that after 2013, a liberal political restoration and liquidation of the left was intended. The hegemonic powers tried to take revenge of the resistance by not only imposing nefarious policies of pressure but also intercepting the left.

The goals of the Communist Party of Turkey, approved in this Congress, represent a historical step to repel this attack. The potential of resistance of our people, who will never fit in darkness, will be carried to the future of our country with the strengthening of the socialist alternative, its proliferation among the society and its domination on the working class movement.

The 12th Congress promises to bring the AKP power to account for all the crimes that committed against our people.

Resolution 2: On “The Power of the Rich”

Looters will be brought to account

A capitalist dictatorship reigns in Turkey. The capitalist dictatorship is run by deputy politicians in the name of bosses.

Today, this relationship has assumed the most degenerate, the most immoral form. The wealth of the Prime Minister, the Ministers, other deputies and their relatives, the magnitude of which is revealed, is nothing but humiliation of our people. Our country is governed directly by looters on behalf of looters for the very purpose of looting. The goal of the bourgeois politics has become the explicit robbery of the whole wealth and public assets of our country.

12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey emphasizes that this is a robbery that deprives our working people, who are getting poorer day by day, of all their rights. It represents the gravest attack against the dignity of our people. Our Congress declares that the working class will bring this humiliation to account.

Resolution 3: On solidarity with glass workers

The working class will not yield

It has been a custom for the AKP government, which does not hesitate to attack the most fundamental rights of the working class, to ban strikes and to justify it with concerns of national security. Recently they also intended to ban the strike of the metal workers, which was frustrated with the actual struggle of workers. Now our sister and brother workers are defending their labor against the ban on strike declared in facilities of Şişecam. The unyielding glass workers are leading this resistance not only for their own rights but also on the name of our people as a whole.

12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey declares that it stands with the glass workers whose right to strike is being targeted by the reactionary capitalist government and that it will continue with all might its solidarity with the workers’ resistance and calls all pro-labor forces to be part of the resistance.

Resolution 4: On the policies of the State of Emergency

Gülmen and Özakça should be set free

It is clear that AKP government is using the power struggle among the religious sects as a pretext to attack labor and progressive public workers in State of Emergency conditions. Against such policies that include usurpation of job security and all gained rights, 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey declares its solidarity with all workers who have been expelled from work and are under oppression.

Finally, the arrest of Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, the education workers who chose to resist with hunger strike for their right to work, with fabricated reasons has blatantly shown the inhumane and anti-labour character of the reactionary capitalist government. The Communist Party of Turkey categorically protests that and demands the liberation of Gülmen and Özakça and immediate restitution of their jobs.

Resolution 5: On the foreign affairs of AKP

United struggle of the peoples of the region for socialism

12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey declares the foreign policy of AKP against the neighboring countries as being totally irrelevant to the historical values of our people. AKP government is primarily liable of the current war and the bloodshed in Syria. AKP government initiates provocation against Greece and tries to antoganise our people, whenever it needs to manipulate the domestic or foreign political agenda. AKP government prefers to keep the Cyprus issue unsolved to be able to blackmail all the people of the Island. AKP government has been threatening the peoples of the region and involving military activity implicitly and explicitly at times in Middle East at others in the Black Sea. Those policies are amongst the primary reasons of the lost lives of thousands of immigrants, wars and bloodshed in our region.

The Communist Party of Turkey, gives the fraternal hand of justice and equity to the neighbouring peoples. The will of our people will surely overcome and our region will eventually host peace, no matter what the reactionary and exploiter powers in our countries do. 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey once more confirms our belief in the victory of the common struggle of our people for socialism.

Resolution 6: On solidarity with the people of Venezuela

The Venezuelan revolution will not surrender

Venezuela is being a scene of a nefarious scenario of counter-revolution by imperialism and its collaborators. The purpose of the provocation of the right-wing opposition, the smear campaigns waged by international bourgeois media, and the violent counter-revolutionary actions, which costed lives of tens of people, is to drag the Bolivarian government into chaos and pave the way for counter-revolution.

12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey strongly condemns this reactionary plot and maintains its belief in that the Venezuelan people will defend and strengthen the gains of the revolutionary process.

The Communist Party of Turkey salutes enthusiastically the strategic preference and policies of the Communist Party of Venezuela to deepen the revolution to protect it and, through the Communist Party of Venezuela, conveys its message of solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Resolution 7: On the solidarity with Cuba

We salute socialist Cuba

Targeting Cuba, is one of the inevitable agenda for the imperialist and reactionist policies. It hasn’t been surprising to see the new president of the USA, Trump, who has exhibited a new offensive jargon of fundamentalism, also followed the tradition by threatening and insulting Cuba. We very well know that, Cuban people, who have proved repeatedly that they would never retreat from the gains of socialism and the merits of patriotism, would not to be deterred by those threats.
The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey, which has always been in solidarity with the Cuban people and their vanguard the Communist Party of Cuba, salutes socialist Cuba and Comrade Raul Castro.

Source: TKP / RedGlobe