This current government will already do nothing for our citizens. The quarrels between coalition parties block the laws either being both proposed and put on the table in the Parliament to be passed or even being discussed. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia has been drawing attention to it already since last January. However, our proposal to dissolve the Chamber of deputies (Lower House) and to call an early election has not found the constitutional majority to be needed. As it is shown currently in all its bareness, the adhesion to the governmental positions is, for a good many persons involved, more important than the interests of their own country.

The issues being the subjects of coalition partners’ quarrels, have very little to do with those interests. Neither the Parliament’s last session held in May 10, has changed anything in this fact; it not only didn’t resolve the governmental crisis, but, contrary, the crisis has become both deepen and sharpen by it. It has been explicitly stated in the Resolution passed by the Czech Parliament’s Lower House. The situation is beyond the pale, changing Czech Republic’s citizens into the hostages in the scandalous clashes, destroying also the reputation of the country abroad.

Thus, the Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia puts on the table a solution to be enforceable from the will of the simple majority of the lawmakers, not by their constitutional one. We address all Parliamentary parties and movements with our proposal to make a vote of no confidence towards current government. This offer can be rejected only by those who connect with an artificial overrunning of the insoluble governmental crisis the aims being incompatible with the interests of both the country and its citizens.

Executive Committee of CPBM’s CC, May 12, 2017


Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia