The court hearings on the case to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine are close to be finished. Appeal instance announced the debates for the 24th of April, 2017. That means that the court will announce the judgment this day. We are confident that this trial is a politically motivated and is aimed to destroy the Communist Party of Ukraine and to prohibit Communist ideology.

It is evident that the government of Ukraine carries out an unprecedented attack on the social rights of workers, persecution of all opposition forces, especially of the Communist Party.

In this regard, we – the members of the Working Group on the Preparation of the 19 International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties are in solidarity with the struggle of Communists of Ukraine for the rights and freedoms of its citizens and against the dictatorship of oligarchs and neo-Nazis.

We condemn the attempts of the government of Ukraine to ban Communist Party of Ukraine and call stop illegal persecution of the Party and its members.


Communist Party of Ukraine