FIRThe International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Antifascists greets all participants of the celebrations on the day of victory and the commemorative actions »immortal regiment«. May 8/9, 1945, is and will remain for antifascists in all parts of the world the day of liberation and the day of victory over fascist barbarism.

All of us who celebrate this day with events and other commemorative activities show that the memory of the victims of the fascist barbarism and the fighters against fascism is an important task for all of us. The participants of the »immortal regiment« commemorative event in Russia and in many other countries around the world remind us of their family members, friends and relatives, who sacrificed their lives in the ranks of the anti-Hitler coalition crushing of fascist military machinery.

This recollection is more important than ever before, because we are witnessing the transformation of Fascist collaborators into »freedom fighters« in different countries, in the Baltic States or in the Ukraine. Against such forms of historical revisionism, we need the public memory and recollection of those men and women who have opposed the fascist threat, with all their might, with their freedom, their health, and part of them with their lives,

To commemorate and thank these fighters and victims at this day is the obligation to carry on the political legacy of the survivors, as in the »Oath of Buchenwald« of the former prisoners of Buchenwald concentration camp of 19 April 1945: »the destruction of Nazism with its roots and the creation of a new world of peace and freedom«.