KSCMWe reproduce a statement issued by the Executive Committee of the Ventral Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia (KSČM):

An announcement by Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka to intend to declare Czech Republic’s government to resign has verified the KSČM’s opinion from the very beginning of 2017. The coalition government, composed by the Social-Democrats, the ANO movement and the Christian Democrats, in the political flap of mutual accusation of scandalous violation of the laws, will do no positive thing for Czech Republic henceforth. The only solution in the interest of Czech citizens is to advertise a Parliamentary early election.

When the KSČM had suggested it in last January, to win the constitutional majority to be required for it, had clashed on political ambitions as well as on personal calculating of the subjects concerned, who have ever been unconcerned about the country’s vital interest. We continue to be ready to negotiate with the representatives of trade unions, movements and civic initiatives which can rightly feel endangered. Current governmental crisis only quadrates the need for a democratic solution.

That’s why the Executive Committee of the KSČM’s CC has assigned to the KSČM’s Parliamentary Group during the negotiations about the governmental crisis to promote the KSČM’s statement made in favour the citizens, and, in relation towards other Parliamentary subjects, to strive for the constitutional resolution which would lead to the Lower House to be dissolved and, subsequently, the early election to be held.

The Executive Commitee of the Central Committee of KSČM, May 4th, 2017

Source: KSČM via Solidnet / RedGlobe