Ukraine’s Young Communist League (LKMSU) accused authorities on Thursday of subjecting several of its student members to trial by a kangaroo court.
Three LKMSU members — one aged just 15 — were convicted of “terrorist” offences on Tuesday. They were arrested for laying flowers to commemorate the Soviet Union’s World War II victory over fascism on May 9, carrying a communist banner and the orange and black St George ribbon — now an anti-fascist symbol.

One 22-year-old student received a two-and-a-half-year sentence for the aggravating factor of posting the “criminal” slogan “Lenin lives” on Facebook.

In a statement, the LKMSU said the verdict handed down by the Halytsky District Court in the western city of Lvov was “illegal, rendered in violation of the constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine.”
It accused the the Security Service, the National Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the court of conspiring to frame the defendants.

During the nazi occupation, Lvov was the scene of pogroms by Ukrainian nationalist collaborators now portrayed as heroes by the Kiev regime.

Source: Morning Star  / RedGlobe