Press Release of the CPBM from an international conference held in Prague on May 31- June 1, 2017, to commemorate and celebrate adoption of this historical document.

CPBM together with the participants at the international conference representing Communist and left radical and workers’ political parties, not only from Europe, but Asia as well, are reminding a principal significance of one of the first originated acts of the Soviets’ governance. It in itself reflected the interests of the vast masses of the people suffering from the war.

The “Decree on Peace” has changed the world and became a fundamental stone of international law institutions, approaches and documents.

It has the first time in history introduced the principle of the immediate truce, replacing the arms by negotiations, termination of annexations and contributions, open diplomacy and a right of the nations for self-determination.

Since November 8, 1917, the peace is considered the main prediction of any basic human and civil right, as well as the social, economic and cultural rights. The peace is a guarantee of the right for development.

The “Decree on Peace” became a basic idea that was laid in the foundations of the League of Nations that has ceased its existence because of abandoning its main principles. The world sunk into a world war with more catastrophic consequences than the 1st WW. Main principles of the Decree on Peace and a horrible experience from the 2nd WW became once again the leading idea at the foundation of the UNO and its Security Council that exists until today.

The crisis undergone by the UN within the twenty years of the unipolar world was caused by the fact of not fulfilling and, contrary to it, abandoning of these principles and experiences and by an effort to impose the will of the global capital upon the world through the NATO pact, which has become the threat to peace.

Return to the basic principles – to reject a war as a continuation of politics, to keep both the dialogue and the respect to both the human dignity and the interests of the vast majority of the working class is also a return on the path of peaceful development, of the socialism, just with the Lenin’s “Decree on Peace” at its very beginning. The Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia, in the cooperation with its comrades and friends all around the world, being devoted to this legacy, will further dedicate its powers to the struggle for peace, against both aggression and war.



Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia