Current governmental crisis undermines the trust into constitutional and public

Although the government of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Soc-Dem) has survived its last crisis, its support by the general public has been permanently dropping down. To be seen in the poll in May, only 23 per cent of citizens trust into this government, the worst result of current coalition government arising from early election in 2013, and to be in charge since January 29, 2014.

The government itself boasts about the achievements which it allegedly must carry through successfully. Nevertheless, it performs already only the quarrels and mutual accusations, some of them to be part of the criminal law. The CPBM warns since last January about that deadlock crisis the government to be trapped within. Everything which had caused it makes more and more damages to the country. The change of the deputy PM and Minister of finance, Mr. Andrey Babis (the ANO movement) has obtained no redress.

Instead being the centre of the state responsible power, the government has become the ring of unfair hits. This turmoil should deflect attention from the unsocial intrigues as well. The Christian Democrats (the third member of the ruling coalition) would like to revive the fees for the stay in hospitals. Mr. Pilny, a new Minister of Finance (ANO), would like to see people working during their pension age period. The support for one of the coalition partners has been paid up by the scandalous concessions. So, the PM and the Soc-Dem tolerate Mr. Bělobrádek, vice-PM and Chair of Christ-Dem’s, to attend on the congress of the Sudeten-land-Germans last month. The quarrel between ministers Mr. Chovanec (Internal Affaires) and Mr. Pelikan (Minister of Justice) proves that there is no consensus within the government on the issue of uncontrolled migration. Mr. Herman, minister of Culture, offends the voters badly by his proposals how to deprive the CPBM’s MPs their right for interpellation. Also the promise by Ms. Valachova, Minister of Education, for taking her political responsibility from the corruption within her ministry resort, has remained to be an empty gesture.

Current governmental crisis undermines the trust into both the constitutional and public institutions. The urgent issues are not solved by the government, being even neither on its agenda. The implausibility of the Soc-Dem, the ANO and the Christ-Dem’s, which bear the responsibilities, is obvious. One more reason why to express them the distrust in upcoming general election next October.

Executive Committee of CPBM’s CC, June 2, 2017


Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia