The agreement of both Parliamentary Chambers is needed to send Czech troops on the foreign missions lasting more than 60 days. This Constitutional Standard has been repeatedly bypassed just in the situation when the current ruling coalition as well as other Right-wing forces threaten to draw us into war through their politics. The aim of the Constitution’s amendment to be proposed by one group of MPs of both the Right-wing and the Soc-Dem is to eliminate the lawmakers from the decision making about the issues with an principal importance for the country’s security. Expecting its authority to strengthen by it, the government keep to be silent. Also both Mr. M. Stropnicky, the minister of Defence, and Mr. J. Hamacek, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) of Czech Parliament, are engaged in this attempt to abolish one of the Constitutional pillars. So much open betrayal of constitutional principles is scandalous, even more with some of constitutional top representatives to resort to it!

The UN Charter justifies using of power only in the case of legitimate self-defence. The Constitution of Czech Republic restricts sending of armed troops abroad solely either to the situations of common defence against an attack given by the International Agreements or of the peace operation under the UN mandate, to be agreed by the country of the intervention. Nevertheless, the MPs’ proposal of the bill mentioned above threatens changing our country into the aggressor. To change Czech Army, being mobilized to defend its own country into the obedient tool of foreign interests and commands, of the politics which, breaking the common front against terrorism, which threatens everyone with no exception, drives the whole world into edge of destruction through the confrontation with the nuclear power.

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia shall do its best to prevent the anti-constitutional intrigues to pass through! We will defend the democracy, the sovereignty and the security of our country more than ever before.

The CPBM’s Central Committee on its 7th session, Saturday, June 24, 2017



Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia