Iraqi Communist PartyWith deepest sorrow and grief, we have received today (31st May 2017) the news of the passing of the veteran Communist leader and the prominent Iraqi and Kurdish national figure, Comrade Aziz Mohammed, at the age of 93.

He was born in 1924 in a village in the far north of Iraqi Kurdistan and become involved in the Kurdish national and Iraqi patriotic struggle in his youth. He was 21 years old when he came to know about the program of the Iraqi Communist Party, which had been endorsed by its First Congress in 1945. The program supported the legitimate rights of the full spectrum of Iraqi people, including the just national rights of the Kurdish people. He decided to join the party that year and was engaged in political activity with remarkable enthusiasm and sincerity.

Only two years later, he was summoned to work in the party’s organization in the capital Baghdad, where the security campaign against the party had escalated. He himself was arrested a year later and sentenced to 15 years in prison at Nigrat al-Salman Prison (one of the most notorious prisons in Iraq, far in the desert, 200 km south of Samawah). He was only released after the 14th July 1958 Revolution and the declaration of the Republic of Iraq.

In 1964, the party’s Central Committee elected Aziz Mohammed as its Secretary. He was re-elected at the following three party congresses: the 2nd Congress (1970), the 3rd Congress (1976) and the 4th Congress (1985). At the 5th party Congress (1993) he chose not to stand for party leadership. But he remained until the end very close to the party, participating with his effort, struggle and contribution.

Comrade Aziz Mohammed devoted his entire life, since early youth until his last breath, to the struggle within the ranks of the Iraqi Communist Party and the Kurdistan Communist Party, for the cause of the toiling popular masses, for the freedom of the homeland and the prosperity of the people.
Throughout the long and consistent march of struggle, Comrade Aziz Mohammed suffered a great deal and persevered with a revolutionary spirit and deep conviction in the justice of the cause, for which he fought valiantly, with dedication and steadfastness, in the fields of clandestine and open work, in prisons and in armed partisan struggle.

The life and struggle of our late comrade has been a shining example, and will continue to inspire the fighters who will follow in his footsteps and those of his predecessors among the party leaders, towards a better future for our people and our homeland.

The memory of Comrade Aziz Mohammed will remain alive in the hearts of the Communists and all democrats and patriots in Iraq.

The Political Bureau
Iraqi Communist Party
31 May 2017