pcpThe Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) commented the results auf the general elections in Britain:

The results of the early general elections in Great Britain constitute a political defeat of the Conservative Party that sought to strengthen the parliamentary support for a greater offensive against the social and labor rights of the British workers and people, and for a reinforced neoliberal and militarist policy and imperialism affirmation.

These results also expressed a defeat of all those who, not conformed with the decision of the British people about the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, tried to associate this decision with a racist, xenophobic and nationalist vision, launching an unjust and manipulative stigma upon this people.

In a political and media framework deeply hostil to Jeremy Corbyn and his program, the significant increase in the votes of the Labour Party, the implosion of the extreme-right and the loss of the majority of the Conservative Party reflect a will to adopt policies favorable to the workers and people.

These results do not legitimize, as some analyses try to manipulate, any questioning of the decision of the British people of breaking ties with the European Union. On the contrary, they signify an important defeat of those trying to revert those decision or transform Brexit into a violent process of attack upon the rights and aspirations of workers and other popular sectors.

PCP salutes the Communist Party of Britain and other progressive forces who, facing manoeuvres of great magnitude and gravity, affirmed the possibility of another path and another policy for Great Britain, contrary to the single neoliberal and militarist thought that over the last decades has been adopted by the two major British parties.

Source: PCP via Solidnet / RedGlobe