World Federation of Democratic YouthOn June 16, 2017 the president of the United States, Donald Trump announced the policy of his government towards Cuba in a public act where he demonstrated total ignorance of the history and reality of the Cuban people. His decision was countersigned in the signature of a directive of policy called »Presidential Memorandum of National Security on the Strengthening of the Policy of the United States towards Cuba« by the aim to worsen the aggression against the Cuban Revolution.

The American president justified his decision with supposed worries on the situation of the human rights in Cuba and the need to apply rigorously the laws of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that for more than half a century the North American government imposes to Cuba and that this policy has the international rejection and of many citizens of the USA. In arrogant form he required internal changes in Cuba as condition for the elimination of the blockade and the improvement of the relations between both countries.

From WFDY always we have supported the position of the Cuban Revolution of which the Blockade, as policy established unilaterally by the Government of the United States from 1962, must be eliminated at once of unilateral form and without demanding conditions from the Cuban. Besides that, this genocidal policy constitutes a flagrant and permanent violation to the human rights, from if we take in account that the principal aim of the Blockade is to deprive the Cuba from the necessary resources for its full development as sovereign and independent nation and the fact that the extraterritorial application of the Blockade affects negatively in the development of other nations.

In spite of the limitations that for Cuba there has brought this policy of economic fence, the Cuban Revolution, isolated from the imperialistic recipes, has achieved that the Cuban people enjoys rights and fundamental freedoms for the full development of all the Cubans, without any type of distinction or discrimination. In addition the constant practical internationalist of the Revolution has contributed to the development of the human rights in many countries of the world.

Nevertheless in the North American society the fundamental human rights are violated systematically and there are frequent violations of these rights committed by the United States in other countries. The international imperialistic policy of USA government has demonstrated its void commitment with the respect to the world peace, indispensable right for the human survival.

The Cuban Revolution is a model for the left and progressive youth worldwide. It demonstrates the justice and the force of the Cuban socialist project on having worked out victorious and to never be bent before the aggressions of all kinds that for almost 60 years imposes on it the principal imperialistic world power.

The WFDY condemns the new attempt of interference of the North American government on the independence of Cuba. We endorse the legitimate right of the Cuban people to its self-determination as independent and sovereign people and we demand the respect to the right of the Cuban people to decide for themselves their own future.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!!!

World Federation of Democratic Youth
June, 2017

Source: WFDY via Facebook / RedGlobe