After their attack, the terrorists issued a video statement. Screenshot: YoutubeVenezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro has strongly condemned the terrorist attack last night from a helicopter on the Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Relations, Justice and Peace by a armed group financed by ultra right wing sectors of the opposition. The Head of State activated an air defense plan while an investigation is on to capture those responsible.

In statements to the nation, Maduro denounced the violence unleashed two months ago by extreme opponents and assured State Security corps will counter these violent actions that go against people’s sovereignty and peace.

From an unidentified black helicopter the Ministry of Internal Relations, Justice and Peace was shot at and two grenades were launched at the building at 18:00 local time.

The aircraft had been kidnapped and was presumably piloted by a man who worked as pilot for ex minister of Interior Miguel Rodriguez Torres who admitted a few hours ago that he was working for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. Prensa Latina heard two explosions near the building of the Interior Ministry and shots from the helicopter who overflew the area twice, in an action President Maduro called a terrorist act of desperation and violence.

Source: Prensa Latina / RedGlobe