Communist Party of Poland condemns extension of the act prohibiting promotion of communism. Novelisation of the law introduced on 22nd of June widens cathalog of objects that are subjected to this act to schools, kindergartens, educational centres and cultural institutions. It also administers removal of the monuments commemorating liberation of Poland from the nazi German occupation by the Red Army and monuments of communist partisans of the People’s Guard and the People’s Army, situated outside cemeteries.

It is especially outrageous that this act on liquidation of several hundred monuments of soldiers fallen during struggle against fascism, was passed on 76th anniversary of the Nazi agression against the Soviet Union. We remind that the Polish nation owes salvation from the total extermination by the nazis to the Soviet soldiers. During the liberation of Poland around 600 thousand of the Red Army soldiers were killed.

State authority’s attempts to neglect sacrifice of the Soviet soldiers are met with the social resistance. On the same day new law was passed the delegation of the CPP participated in the opening of the restored monuent of Soviet Soldiers in Mikolin, renovated with social effort. It commemorates about 700 soldiers fallen in this place during crossing of the Oder river. This monument was created in October 1945 and it is the oldest one in the liberated Europe. The Institute of National Remembrance already announced that this memorial will have to be removed.

Demanding liquidation of the monuments of the Soviet soldiers and partisans of the People’s Guard and the People’s Army, is a next stage of falsifying the history. Longterm propaganda equating communism with fascism attempts to erase the memory of those who struggled against fascism and destroyed it.

Plans of changing names of the streets and removing monuments cause social resistance in many places. Communist Party of Poland supports all activities in favour of preserving historical remembrance and calls for participation in initiatives that oppose falsifying of the history.


Russian Communist Workers Party