170916venezuelaWe, citizens of the world, workers, members of social movements, civil rights organizations and political parties, academics, intellectuals and creators, denounce before humanity the international conspiracy led by the Government of Donald Trump against the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its Government and its legitimate authorities.

Under a speech of racial supremacy, intolerance and warmongering, which remind us of the darkest times of fascism, the Government of Donald Trump wages a political, diplomatic, economic and media aggression, including the military option, to undermine Venezuelan democracy, to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and to establish a government that serves the interests of Washington. The neocolonial restoration process in Venezuela seeks to deprive the Venezuelan people from its sovereignty and return to the global powers control over the immense riches and resources of the country. This conspiracy against a sovereign country, which openly violates international law, makes progress thanks to the full support of the great media transnational companies, and the shameful support of neoliberal and anti-grassroots governments.

Last April, a US financed political violence campaign began – through the Venezuelan opposition – and was presented to the world as civil and pacific protests. In addition to this propaganda, a smear campaign was also launched against the Venezuelan democracy before the world public opinion, by projecting Venezuela’s government as a dictatorship that violates human rights and drives the country into an alleged deep humanitarian crisis.

Truth is that the only purpose of this campaign is to overthrow the legitimate Government of Venezuela by spreading death, chaos and violence, following the style of the »Color Revolutions«. Since then, more than a hundred people have died and more than two thousand people have been wounded. The political violence promoted by Washington has caused significant material damage and suffering to the Venezuelan people.

The latest manifestation of this plot is the discredit of the elections held on July 30th, in which eight millions of Venezuelans elected a National Constituent Assembly. Thanks to the National Constituent Assembly election, the Venezuelan people defeated violence in the streets and restored peace. From July 30th, a process of stabilization of civil and political life has begun through the participation of all the political parties in the next regional elections for governors to be held in October.

Due to the latest threat of military force by Donald Trump and the financial blockade imposed on Venezuela, the supremacist government of Washington has intensified the conflict, and has publicly expressed its intention to »choke« the Venezuelan economy.

We reject the escalating aggressions against Venezuela by the US administration. Venezuela is a nation that has been building people’s democracy in a peaceful manner for 18 years now. The Bolivarian democracy has returned the control of natural resources to the country, has redistributed wealth in favor of the working class and the humble sectors of society, and has guaranteed the social rights of all its population.

Venezuela social achievements in the field of education, health care, social protection, social security universalization and indigenous communities’ rights have proven that it is possible to make democracy more democratic. Its eco-socialist approach challenges those who impose the plundering of common goods of humanity by transnational elites.

Venezuela does not represent a threat to any country in the world. Since its independence, more than 200 years ago, it has never engaged in a military conflict, nor has it ever participated in wars or aggressions against other nations.

For the peace-loving people and the peoples of the world, Venezuela is a beacon of hope. This hope is threatened today by the supremacist ideology of Washington. The US ruling elite has decided to block political dialog in Venezuela and bring this country into a fratricidal conflict in order to justify this elite’s intervention plan. We alert the world to the serious threat to world peace created by the warmongering obsession of Donald Trump. A military aggression against Venezuela or the overthrow of the Bolivarian Revolution will cause in the hemisphere a crisis of historic proportions in all orders, and will break integrationist efforts, taking away the purposes of all the nations of our region that have declared Latin America and the Caribbean a zone of peace.

The world must stop Washington madness. In the name of humanity, we demand that Donald Trump withdraw the threat of military aggression and repeal the economic sanctions and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people.

For all the above reasons, we call on all respectable men and women, from all places, ideologies and beliefs, on those who dream of a world of justice and equality, to join the WORLD CONFERENCE: WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA. DIALOG FOR PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY AND BOLIVARIAN DEMOCRACY, to be held in Caracas, Venezuela, on September 16th and 17th, and from that date on, in various parts of the world.

This day of global mobilization will bring together the solidarity of the peoples with the homeland of Simon Bolivar. Venezuela is not alone. Today, we honor the brave Venezuelan people in their struggle for peace and dialog and in their defense of national dignity and sovereignty.

Mahatma Gandhi said: »There is no way to peace, peace is the only way«. And Che Guevara, with his example of humanity, affirmed: »Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples«. In view of the imperial threat and warmongering, let us say today in the words of the great poet Pablo Neruda, our flag and our victory will be peace. »Peace for the twilights to come (…) peace for the city in the morning when bread wakes up…« Peace so that Venezuela continues to illuminate the future.

Caracas, August 25th, 2017


  • Manuel Bertoldi. Patria Grande Movement. Argentina
  • Tennyon Joseph. Social activist. Barbados
  • Alfredo Rada. Coordination with social movements and civil society. Bolivia
  • Joao Pedro Stadile . Movement of Landless Rural Workers. Brazil
  • Alejandro Navarro. Senator. Chile
  • Jorge Antonio Arias Díaz. Cuban Communist Party. Cuba
  • Diego García Pozo. PAIS Alliance. Ecuador
  • William Camacaro. Bolivarian Circles of New York. USA
  • Claudia De la Cruz. Movement of the Poor. USA
  • Gregory Wilpert, Roberto García Ceballos, Jeanette Charles, Parnbana Bassett. Venezuela Analysis. USA
  • Gustavo Acosta. Farabundo Martí Front for the National Liberation. El Salvador
  • Cristian Rodríguez. Rebellious France Movement. France
  • Luciano Vasapollo. La Sapienza University of Rome. Italy
  • Gerardo Fernández Noroña. Social activist. Mexico
  • Lur Gil. Youth Movements. Basque Country
  • Hermando Cevallos. Earth and Freedom Movement. Peru
  • Evgeny Pashentsev. Intellectual. Russia
  • David Abdulah. Social activist. Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sebastian Valdomir. Frente Amplio [Broad Front Coalition]. Uruguay
  • Oscar Andrade. Plenary Workers Trade Union Federation – National Convention of Workers (PIT-CNT). Uruguay
  • Intellectuals Network in Defense of Humanity
  • Continental Articulation of Social Movements towards the ALBA
  • »Youth in Struggle« International Movement
  • Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations
  • Via Campesina – Brazil
  • Popular Front of Brazil
  • Social movements, peoples’ organizations and political parties of the Bolivarian Revolution

Source: MPPRE / RedGlobe