PFLPThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the following statement on the recent media reports related to the German national (Bundestag) Elections:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has witnessed a media and political campaign by racist far-right forces in Germany in collaboration with racist Zionist groups and political parties in Israel attacking the Palestinian and Arab community in Germany and attempting to spread fear in the community, as well as attacking German progressive forces, particularly the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, under the auspices of a complete deception and a big lie, most recently adopted by the far-right, fascist “Alternative fur Deutschland” (AFD) party.

This campaign has been carried out under the pretext of “banning the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah.” We see this as a racist campaign that attempts to suppress the Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab communities from participation in public life, politics and integration by pushing new immigrants into “ghettoization,” which is harmful on political, social and economic levels to the entire German society.

The PFLP would like to take this opportunity to clarify the reality of the situation and state for the record that:

1. It is a well-established fact that the PFLP does not run in any elections anywhere in the world, nor does it seek to participate in any such elections. It appears Zionist organizations in Israel have extensions in Berlin, such as Volker Beck and his cohorts, who work as servants for the apartheid state of Israel to spread lies and propaganda that our organization is running in the German federal elections, which is entirely untrue, false and ludicrous. The racist Israeli media has been working overtime in an attempt to spread falsehoods and fear on an international level.

2. We deeply believe that it is essential for the growing Arab community in Berlin and throughout Germany not to submit to such racist attacks and attempts to suppress their voice and community. We call upon them to participate in the elections and in the general political life of Germany in a healthy, productive and peaceful manner, which can only be for the benefit of our community and the society of all people in Germany.

3. We are convinced that the people of Germany who have been playing a growing role in receiving refugees and easing their suffering are not being truly represented by racist voices like the AFD, Nazis and Fascist forces like the NPD or Zionist racists like Volcker Beck. These statements are not only an attack on our community, but are also an attempt to mislead the German public who reject all racism and fascism.

4. The Israeli state is not a representative of the victims of the Holocaustt. A racist state can never be the spokesperson for the millions of Jews and other oppressed peoples massacred in Europe by the Nazi regime. We know that it is important today for the people of Germany to learn from that horrific history, but it cannot be done through support for an exclusionary and racist state.

5. We trust that the German security institutions know very well the peaceful intentions of our communities and their organizations in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany and that our community stands against all forms of racism, hatred, violence and oppression that harm German society.

6. We salute the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany and the Internationalist List for demanding the removal of the PFLP from “terror lists;” such a listing is an example of injustice that can never help in achieving peace and justice in the region and the world.

Finally, we would like to clarify that our organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, has tens of thousands of supporters, sympathizers and friends around the world who identify themselves with the heritage, history, perspectives and views of the Palestinian people’s resistance and the Palestinian Left, including many Palestinian and non-Palestinian youth around the world. Therefore, as the PFLP deeply values these sympathizers and supporters, we do not have a direct organizational link nor do they take direction from the Front and thus the “Sympathizers of the PFLP” are independent in this regard.

Source: PFLP / RedGlobe