UPG GalizaThe action undertaken by the machinery of the Spanish regime this Wednesday 20th September, taking the Catalan Government by storm and arresting senior officials, overstepped all democratic bounds and amounts to nothing less than a veritable coup against the Catalan institutions and devolved government. The Spanish State does not hesitate to use all means of force and duress at its disposal, including measures which are clearly illegal even according to Spanish legislation, in its attempt to deny the democratic will of the Catalan people to exercise its right to self-determination and achieve independence.

These acts stand to unmask the true authoritarian and antidemocratic nature of the Spanish State. Over recent decades, we have not ceased to denounce the fact that the Spanish political system born out of the Transition and the Constitution of 1978 is anything but democratic. Now, not only is not democratic, but it longer ever looks it. The Catalan independence process has exposed the true face of ‘Spanish democracy’; denying basic rights and freedoms is how the Spanish regime reacts to the peoples’ will to be free.

Outlawing the vote, persecuting public officials for upholding this right, banning meetings, closing down websites, attacking the media, seizing magazines, posters and ballot boxes, etc., is incompatible with even the most basic democratic principles. No State which violates basic rights, the freedom of speech, opinion, information and the right to decide through a vote can be considered democratic.

These attacks on rights and freedoms in Catalonia are an attack on the rights and freedoms of everyone who lives within the Spanish State and on all of the nations which are still part of it but which yearn to be free. This is why we call upon the people to mobilise to defend democracy and the right of the peoples to decide, to exercise their right to self-determination and establish independent sovereign States of their own. Today, by defending the freedom of Catalonia, we are also defending the freedom of Galiza and all people.

We express our total support for the Catalan people which has taken to the streets to demonstrate its sovereignty, to the Catalan Government and all of the independendist organisations under attack by the Spanish regime. For our part, we once again reiterate our commitment to continue strengthening the self-organisation of the Galizan people and to continue working for a truly democratic break with the old regime in our country until our nation achieves independence, building our own sovereign State, the Republic of Galiza.

Santiago de Compostela, 21 september de 2017

Department for International Relations

Galizan People’s Union (UPG)