wftuThe imperialistic Japan continues the aggression by sharpening the intra-imperialist rivalries throughout Asia and Pacific area. The prime minister of Japan, under the pretext of the supposed North Korean threat, promotes new increase in the budget of the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

What is more, the Japanese Prime Minister is paving the way for further military equipment with statements as the following:

“We must take all the necessary measures against developments such as the North Korea missile test over Japan” and “Nobody will protect you if you do not have a mentality to protect yourself”

The WFTU, representing 92 million workers in every corner of the world, demands the immediate de-escalation of the military tension in the area of the Korean peninsula and the wider region of Asia Pacific. We struggle for the end of the imperialistic plans, and the investments in military equipment. We demand all of the government budget to be spent for the covering of the contemporary needs of the peoples and not for the contemporary needs of the multinationals.