VenezuelaVenezuelan official Jorge Rodríguez announced that representatives of the country’s government should reach an agreement on coexistence with opposition groups after regional elections are held on October 15. »After the elections we are going to sit down to finish the coexistence agreement in which sectors of the Venezuelan right-wing and Revolutionary forces have already made notable progress«, stated the Mayor of Libertador municipality.

In this sense he highlighted that the signing of the agreement should contribute to achieving peace and stability in the South American nation.
Rodríguez called on opposition leaders to stop their double-discourse calling for peace while promoting violence as a means to justify military intervention.

The government representative stated that next Sunday’s regional elections will mark the 22 electoral process to take place in the country in the last 18 years, standing in stark contrast to the 15 undertaken during the Pact of Punto Fijo, from 1958 to 1998.

»Until relatively recently in Venezuelan the people weren’t able to choose their governors or Mayors; nor were they consulted in a plebiscite or referendum«, he noted.

According to newspaper La Nación, Rodríguez noted that upcoming regional elections will strengthen peace and sovereignty in Venezuela, especially given political harassment by the United States. »This Sunday the Venezuelan people will go out to vote for peace and with every vote, will tell Trump, not to meddle in Venezuela’s internal affairs, that we Venezuelans will resolve Venezuela’s internal affairs«, he stated.

Source: Granma / RedGlobe