wfdy 148We reproduce a statement issued by WFDY concerning the activities of right wing forces at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Soch.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth expresses its disagreement in relation with the participation of reactionary elements in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. It is also condemning the attempt of such elements to damage and attack the discussion program approved by the 3rd International Preparatory Committee. Such voices have no space in discussions that are aiming to reinforce the unity of the youth for rightful ideas.

It was expressed previously both by the IOC and WFDY that any reactionary, fascist or Zionist element has no space in this historic event which is carrying now 70 years of life. The ideas of peace. solidarity, friendship, anti-fascism and anti-imperialism are the cornerstones of the Festival Movement and those reactionary elements are based on the opposite side of those ideas.

The WFDY continues to call the progressive and militant participants of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students to attend the discussion program and safeguard the ideas of the Festival Movement. Our words shall reinforce the support of the Festival towards the causes of the peoples, towards the liberation of Palestine, the self determination of Western Sahara — the last colony of Africa along with other causes in the world where they face the imperialist aggressiveness and barbarity.

Sochi, October 18, 2017
On behalf of WFDY: The CC/HQ

Source: WFDY on Facebook / RedGlobe