Today, December 23, 2017, a large pack of neo-Nazi youths attacked the premises, where the Komsomol members of Ukraine gathered for the regular Plenum. At the moment bandits from Azov and other criminal groups under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service (as one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi S14 Karas has openly stated) are threatening to kill Komsomol members and trying to burglary penetrate the premises. The police came to the scene, as always, do not interfere in the situation.

The Communist Party of Ukraine declares that all gangster attacks on members of the Party, members of the Komsomol, dissidents are carried out directly on instructions and are financed by political forces that seized power in Ukraine as a result of the armed coup in February 2014.

The Communist Party sends detailed information about the this crime of the oligarcho-Nazi junta to international human rights organizations, PACE, OSCE, to the UN Human Rights Office


Communist Party of Ukraine

Central Committee

Department for the International Relations


Communist Party of Ukraine