wftuThe World Federation of Trade Unions condemns the decision of USA President to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This act reveals that imperialism is ruthless, barbaric, aggressive.

Our duty is to support the heroic Palestinian people against this aggressiveness, to support this people who gives a long-term struggle against occupation army, against the policies of the Israeli governments, against the policies that are calling on them to compromise with the Israeli occupation.

The WFTU has always been and will remain firmly by the side of Palestinian workers who are continuing their struggle. The WFTU will use all the international fora to promote the fair demands of the Palestinian people. The WFTU will reveal the responsibilities of yellow trade-unions’ leaderships that support Israel’s policy.

All Palestinian trade unions which are proud to struggle for the vindication of the Palestinian People will find us in solidarity with them. All trade-unionists in the base of their unions who are struggling against the corrupted and compromised trade union leaders will find us standing by their side.

Today’s circumstances, all the more so after the unacceptable decision of the USA President, require a class-oriented, youthful, internationalist, massive, uniting trade union movement; A trade union movement free of bureaucratic interventions and corruption. Only a trade union movement which is organizationally independent and which struggles through the WFTU ranks can assist the Palestinian people’s struggle.

Source: WFTU / RedGlobe