Worker-communist Party of IranMessage of the Worker-communist Party of Iran to workers, teachers, students and office workers

Your powerful strikes and gatherings, which have played an important role in the development of the protests of the past few days, can now play a decisive role in the current political climate.

The mass protests which have started throughout the country have rapidly added to the crisis of the Islamic Republic. The balance of power has increasingly shifted in people’s favour and against the regime. Under these circumstances, your strikes will inject new blood to the protests. They will avert the repression against the people and drive the crisis of the regime to its final phase.

We have the experience of the 1979 revolution. When the Shah’s regime responded to the protests by declaring martial law in Tehran and ten other cities, the workers entered the scene with their strikes, drastically reducing the repressive ability of the regime. The regime did not have the capacity to both suppress the protests and to stop the strikes. Thus, the protests found a new lease of life and, finally, by a general strike of the workers brought down the regime of the Shah.

Take strike action everywhere, and play your historic role! Your strikes, together with the growing protests, will paralyse the machinery of repression of the regime. We should not let the regime to reorganise itself and drive the people back by its suppression of the protests. Start your strikes and hold your gatherings! You have the power to break the back of the Islamic regime of capitalists, which has imposed 39 years of poverty, privation and lack of rights on you.

Down with the anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-freedom and anti-human Islamic regime!

For a humane, prosperous, free and equal society!

Worker-communist Party of Iran

1 January 2018

Source: WPI / RedGlobe