With the slogan “hands off the people’s homes”, trade unions demonstrated on Wednesday February 21 in Syntagma Sq outside the Finance Ministry, after the call of PAME.

Unions and associations of the self-employed, youth and women demonstrated with them.

«Organization and struggle against the seizures of homes and bank deposits of the popular households. No home in the hands of the bankers.» was emblazoned on the central banner of PAME at the head of the march, while the demonstrators shouted slogans such as “No to the heavy taxes and looting, the plutocracy must pay now”, ‘hands off the people’s livelihoods, everyone to the struggle, no compromise.”

The demonstrators denounced the SYRIZA-ANEL government that is proceeding on with electronic seizures, to snatching the property of the workers, the unemployed, the poor pensioners, the popular families, at the same time when the big businessmen once again escape paying taxes by using the laws of the system. They denounced its political line that is crushing the people’s income. They stressed that the seizures target the people’s property and livelihoods, which the workers toiled hard for, paying the bankers two and three times over.

They demanded: immediate protection of the people’s homes by law. No home in the hands of the bankers. No seizures of the people’s homes for debts to the state and social security funds. An immediate end to the seizures of salaries and pensions via bank accounts.

The rally ended with a symbolic act of the demonstrators, who attached once again the following sign on the entrance of the Ministry “MINISTRY OF SEIZURES-TAX LOOTING-HEAD TAXES”.


Mobilizations were carried out in many cities all over the country, where the demonstrators declared their decision to continue the struggle against seizures, with the organization of the struggle in every neighbourhood, workplace, everywhere.

KKE via Solidnet