The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued following statement to the press:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Parliament thanking the president is more like a BJP leader’s routine election speech than the speech of the PM.

Prime Minister is a constitutional authority and is expected to speak with dignity and decorum. He misused the platform of the Parliament, to shower venom on political opponents and made some allegations with half-truths. While BJP supported Telangana statehood in Parliament, Modi made adverse remarks about it. He accused Congress for dividing Andhra Pradesh and India also, but did not speak a word about promises to Andhra Pradesh in Parliament on special status and later on special package implementation. Prime Minister did not utter a word on Rafale deal which the government is trying to avoid from transparency in the name of security.

Nation is worried about attacks of cow vigilantes on Minorities, Dalits, hunting of intellectuals, degeneration of cultural values. Youth are worried about employment, peasants in debts without remunerative prices, people in general about price rise and workers on labour rights. No mention of any of these issues of the nation in PM’s speech. Desperation at the waning of BJP influence, failure in implementation of promises to nation is reflected in the shape of verbal offensive, rather than a convincing reply to the nation. CPI is totally disappointed and expresses unhappiness at the way PM tried to divert the attention from problems of the nation. This is nothing but bankruptcy of NDA policies under Modi leadership.



Communist Party of India via Solidnet