Sinn Féin South Dublin County Cllr Sarah Holland hascondemned what she describes as “scheming against the provision of socialhousing in the Knocklyon and Firhouse areas”.

Following the tense exchanges during the planning processfor the Clonburris development, a series of residents’ associations have beguncampaigning against the provision of social housing.

Cllr Holland said:

“I submitted some questions to area committee last monthwhich show just 41 houses being provided in Rathfarnham or Terenure/Templeoguethrough PART V or council properties, with nearly 9,000 on the list for theSouth Dublin County area.

“During the SDZ process, it became apparent that a bloc ofcouncillors was conspiring to limit the provision of social housing.  Thishas now spread from the Clonburris planning process to the Rathfarnham andTerenure/Templeogue areas.

“It is blatant NIMBYism.  Scaremongering over socialhousing is a cynical move in the run up to the local elections in 2019.

“The fact is that we need housing.  It should be spreadall over this county in sustainable, mixed tenure developments, and not crowdedinto urban centres.

“Councillors have a duty of care to all residents of thiscounty, and cynical scaremongering is irresponsible.”

Cllr Holland also took care to point out that transportand traffic concerns have been at the forefront the issues raised at council,and that the Rathfarnham and Terenure/Templeogue areas were rich in amenity andgreen space:

“Most councillors have been active in calling for additionalpublic transport, infrastructure and improvements, play spaces and amenityimprovements.  Others have been cynically objecting to playgrounds, parkbenches and housing in a bid to curry favour with the NIMBY brigade.

“As elected representatives, we need to showleadership. We need to be clear to residents what the needs of the people ofthis county are and how these can be achieved.  Whipping up hysteria overhousing or amenities is not sustainable in the long term.” 


Sinn Féin