We reproduce statements by Communist and Workers’ Parties regarding the military operation of the Turkish troops in northwestern Syria

Communist Party of Greece (KKE): 

In a statement regarding the developments in Syria the Press Office of the CC of the KKE condemns the military operation of Turkey on Syrian grounds, under the phony name “Olive Branch”.


Statement on the developments in Syria – Condemnation of the military intervention of Turkey

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German Communist Party (DKP) :

The German Communist Party (DKP) issued a statement on the ongoing military operation of Turkish army and its allies in northern Syria, condemning the invasion and addressing its solidarity with the victims of this attack.

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Communist Party of Turkey (TKP):

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey issued a statement on 21 January on the military operation of the government of Turkey on Syrian soil. The statement reminded that Syria has been drawn into a civil war, ‘triggered by the imperialist projects and activated almost all reactionary veins of the region’. The AKP governments last military attempt was observed as being one of them.

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