Prensa LatinaThe controversial Lima Group, made up of governments opposed to the Venezuelan administration, will launch here a new attack on the election in that country, in line with the stance of the opposition and the United States.

A report from the local Foreign Ministry says that the group will make again a new incursion into Venezuela’s domestic policy and a will issue a new statement against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The press release adds that the foreign ministers’ objective is ‘to evaluate the measures that will be taken in light of the development of the political situation in Venezuela.’

In January, the group expressed discontent with the call to general election in Venezuela, claiming that it does not follow its concept of what democratic, transparent and credible elections would be according to international standards.

The Lima Group’s meeting was preceded by a tour by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who visited four member countries of that bloc last week: Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Colombia, where he promoted a coup d’état in Venezuela.

According to Bolivian Ambassador to Cuba Juan Ramón Quintana and other Latin American politicians, Tillerson’s tour would be the prelude of a U.S. military intervention.

The political analyst Farid Kahhat compared the vehement statements by the Lima Group about the situation in Venezuela with its indifference to the electoral fraud in Honduras.

Kahhat, who is considered one of Peru’s main analysts on international issues, added that there are reasons to think that the Lima Group has yielded its commitment to regional democracy that it proclaims.

In that regard, he mentioned the case of Honduras, which is not the only one, but it is the most notorious case, considering that the government of that country is a member of the group.

Kahhat pointed out that he has personal critical stances on the cases of Venezuela and Honduras, but it is deplorable that the Lima Group, which strongly condemns Venezuela, ‘does not say anything on the case of Honduras’.

‘Even worse, most government members of the Lima Group recognized the results of the election in Honduras,’ despite reports by observers who denounced irregularities in the voting and dozens of deaths while the government repressed the protests against the fraud, and recommended a new election.