PAME has called on Wednesday, February 21, rallies against the auctions of people’s homes by the banks and by the government.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government continues to charge to the people debts they did not create.

Following the new measures, the Government imposes the decision to seize and auction workers’ houses if they have debts to the public and the social insurance funds

All these measures confirm that also with growth we will continue to experience poverty and insecurity, while business groups will take advantage of all the benefits granted to them by the state with subsidies and tax immunity.

The only answer is the organized struggle, the struggle for the protection of our life, for collective agreements, to protect the people’s homes.

We have the power, we can counterattack.

PAME calls to rallies on Wednesday 21 February and we demand:

  • Protection of popular housing by law now

  • No house in the hands of the banks

  • No seizure of public housing for debts and to public and social insurance funds.

  • Stop wage and pension seizures from bank accounts now.

  • Freezing of debts for unemployed and deleting loan repayments.

  • Cancelation of debts for the unemployed and workers who had wage cuts

  • Abolishment of antipeople’s taxes



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)