A 120-mm mortar shell hit the Russian trade mission building in Damascus (currently mothballed, but still under diplomatic immunity) on February 6 at approximately 4 pm local time. No casualties have been reported. The building was badly damaged.

We strongly condemn this latest terrorist attack against the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Damascus, which is part of a string of recent crimes committed by terrorists against civilians in the Syrian capital.

As you may recall, a Russian non-governmental delegation was caught in mortar fire in the Old City of Damascus shortly before that and had to be promptly evacuated from the scene. The targets were humanitarian aid distribution stations set up by Christians and Muslim figures from Russia who brought supplies paid for by parishioners from churches and mosques located in various Russian regions. Two Syrian civilians died in the attack. More than 10 people have been killed or wounded by terrorist mortar fire in Damascus over the past two days.

We urge our international and regional partners to take an objective look at these developments and to give a proper and principled assessment of the terrorist attacks directed against diplomatic missions, religious buildings, and humanitarian missions.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation