The Union of Workers in Telecom and IT (SETIP) of Athens, Greece, a member of PAME and WFTU, expresses its solidarity to the colleagues of the Portuguese Telecom company PT MEO who are going on a two-day strike on the 25th and 26th of February. Colleagues working in call centers, back offices and shops are protesting against them being hired through outsourcing companies (like Manpower) and against low wages.

The colleagues are also demanding to be integrated in PT MEO.

In Greece as well, companies in the telecom sector hire colleagues through outsourcing companies like Manpower. This results workers to have less rights and worse working conditions even with workers in the next working post. In this way, they want them to be submissive, to make them support the company’s objectives and stay away from the organized struggle. This is the situation we are facing in many companies Greece, like in Deutsche Telecom’s subsidiary, COSMOTE and also Vodafone Greece: the vast majority of those working in call centers and many other departments have been hired through outsourcing companies, a situation which is generating huge profits for the large enterprises.

Since its foundation, SETIP is struggling against the division of the workers in our sector. It demands equal rights for all the colleagues working in a company, collective agreements covering every worker and cancelation of outsourcing companies.

We are supporting the struggle of the colleagues of PT MEO – It is our struggle as well!

Solidarity is our weapon against the unified attack of employers and governments!



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)