The Federation of Construction Workers of Greece expresses its solidarity with the workers in the construction of the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey, who are trying to organize their struggle to defend their lives, improve working conditions, wages and health and safety in their workplace. The working conditions of thousands of builders, metalworkers and other workers at the new airport’s construction site in Istanbul are like a “death arena”, where workers are sacrificed for the profits of the few.



The hundreds of industrial accidents that have occurred and leave behind dead and injured workers are the result of the intensification of work. Behind the showcase of major projects implemented and exploited by the governments of capital in each country as evidence of the “progress” and “prosperity” of the peoples, there is the wild exploitation of the workers who, with their work, produce all the wealth but live within poverty, wretchedness, injuries, with their needs unsatisfied.

We are sending a message to our brothers, the workers of Turkey in the construction sector that we will do everything we can so as to inform workers in Greece of the situation they are living and working on.

The same problems also face the workers in Greece. Workers in each country face the same problems and the same opponent. The Capital and its power with the forces that support it.

We have common interest to fight in common direction, focusing on our needs. To fight for a world without exploitation, poverty and misery.





All Workers Militant Front (PAME)