Video (with English Subtitles):

PAME, All Workers Militant Front is firmly standing by the side of the Palestinian people, while the Israeli occupation does not hesitate to imprison and even murder young children. In particular, within the framework of the International Campaign of the Youth Committee of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) regarding the Liberation of the young Palestinian, Ahed Tamimi, PAME called the trade unions and the young workers of Greece to express their Solidarity and demand the release of Ahed and all Palestinian political prisoners.

In this direction, events and activities in workplaces, universities and schools took place all over Greece. Moreover, representatives of PAME visited Palestine and the village of Nabi Salih, where they met with the Tamimi family to express their support.

The class trade unions and workers from all workplaces and branches continue to stand by the heroic people of Palestine and the struggle for the Liberation of the young Ahed. Militant artists, from their side, expressed their solidarity with Ahed with a song, accompanied by a video under the title “A song for Ahed”.

PAME thanks everyone for their contribution to this great initiative of solidarity.

We call on the trade unions, ahead of the new trial of Ahed Tamimi on March 11, to utilise the video and the song. To be sent to every worker, to each trade union member. The trade unions should step up their action and take on new Solidarity initiatives for the Palestinian people.

“A song for Ahmed”

Lyrics: Anthi Mitropetrou

Music: Andreas Manolidis

Sings: Andreas Manolidis-Sylvia Kapernarou

VideoEditing: Costas Stamatopoulos-Giannis Maroudas



In the war and the sea

You show the way

Your fire and your magma

Create land

For those we miss to find

And to blossom

For those we miss to live

To be reborn


I run like the wind, over the sea

To find you

You are my friend. You are my sister

Whatever comes

In their camps

During the silence

We will sing

The Earth

They Destroyed

We will build again


Your courage and your strength

shows me A new way

Ahed in my language means





All Workers Militant Front (PAME)